Dying Hope

On that fateful night, aliens from the Andromeda galaxy, called Andromedians, came to invade our planet because their planet was dying. The andromedians want to wipe the Earth off with the leading species, so they can rule over the Earth without inteference. Very little things remains. The military is missing, the government has fallen, and the population of the world decreased greatly. Andromedians want us to lose everything, so we'll crumble like the Roman empire.

Chapter 6

Jarvis Enigma: A Problem

by: Cam12
I walked through my house not recognizing any person anymore. It was full of strangers. There used to be a saying that we're stronger in numbers, but it is hard to supply for twenty people.

I was probably the only one that wasn't happy about the newcomers. My grandchildren were happy to finally have playmates. However the new company will make it a little harder when the new baby comes around.

I walked into the den where my three grandchildren were sitting with Emily and Sadie. I felt bad for Howdy because out of the five children Howdy was the only boy.
"So what your relation to those three," said a voice from behind me. I turned around to face Ruby. Ruby was the young woman with black hair and green eyes.

"They are my grandchildren," I answered.

Ruby stood their quiet. "Don't be offended but I noticed there aren't any younger black people so I am guessing they are..." She stood there not finishing her sentence.\, but I knew where she was headed.

I nodded my head in agreement. "Madeline and Howdy were my son's children and Lexi was my Daughters. As you were hinting they both are gone know so I take care of them," I said.

I was watching the children when a loud screech came through the window. A freaking Alien crashed through the window. I ran as fast as a man my age can go and picked up a poker from the fireplace.

The alien was flying throughout the room chasing Emily. Emily dashed over to where I was standing. I swung the poker and crushed the head of the demon. The thing fell to the ground.

I watched the thing on the ground for a couple moments to make sure it was dead. I then stormed out of the room to find Gus. "Gus!" I screamed.

"In here," shouted a voice from the kitchen. I stormed into that room.

"You haven't taught your children how to defend themselves," I screamed at him/

"What are you talking about," asked Gus as he washed off a tomato. Tanner and Selema were also there but I didn't give hem any attention.

"Sadie and Emily. A alien broke into the room and they ran around screaming their heads off. You need to teach them how to use weapons," I screamed.

"I you think I am going to give weapons to children, your wrong," argued Gus. I saw the color of his eyes lighten.

"If you won't, then I will," I testified. I then stormed out of the kitchen just as I did when I entered the room.

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