Dying Hope

On that fateful night, aliens from the Andromeda galaxy, called Andromedians, came to invade our planet because their planet was dying. The andromedians want to wipe the Earth off with the leading species, so they can rule over the Earth without inteference. Very little things remains. The military is missing, the government has fallen, and the population of the world decreased greatly. Andromedians want us to lose everything, so we'll crumble like the Roman empire.

Chapter 2

Emily Homes- We Can't All Survive

"Tom! Tommy! Look! Its a trash can!" I shouted with joy as I spotted it, tipped over with it contents spilled. "Tommy there might be food! Tommy?" I look behind me at my little brother. He was sitting crossed-legged staring down at the ground with blank eyes.

He looked up and stared at me. "Emi its your birthday." He whisper.

"Is it?" I asked sitting down next to him and wrapping my arm around him. Tom nodded. "Then why down we find out if theres anything in that trash can for us to eat okay?"

"Okay." He said quietly. I stood up, a little wobbly from not eating for a few days but I could stand. I held out my hand to help my brother up and he took it. I hoisted him up them we walked over to the trash can. I had to help Tom so he wouldn't fall over while walking.

I sat him down in the grass and sat next the the trash can. I picked through the trash while Tom drew lines in the dirt.

"Anything?" Tommy asked after a while.

"No." I said looking down. "Come on. Lets go find something else to eat." I said standing up and holding out my hand to help him up.

"Alright." Tom whispered and took my hand and stood up.

We walked around for a bit before a shirk sounded from a distance.

"Emily! A monster! A monster! What do we do?" Tommy cried.

"Tommy, calm down. Lets go find somewhere to hide." I said trying to stay calm myself.

We were just about to run to an abandon building when a gun shot went off.

"Tommy! Tommy! People! Tommy theres people!" I shouted. "Come on lets go!" I tug on his hand and try to run the the people. "Tommy come on. Tommy?" I look back at him and he looks spaced out. "Tommy are you okay?"

He doesn't answer, he just stared at the ground.

I stared at him then picked him and carried him to where I thought the gun shot came from.

I set him down behind a bush and looked out.

There was an old man, and injured man, an old woman, a young woman, and three young men.

"Dad, hold on." One of the men said.

The injured man was gasping for air.

"I hope he'll be alright." The old man said.

"I'm doing everything I can." The old woman said tending to the injured man's wounds.

Tommy moaned turning my attention back to him.

"Tommy are you okay?" I whispered getting really worried.

"So hungry." He whispered.

"Tommy, I know." I said brushing his hair back. "I wish I could do something about it." I looked back at the people one more time. "Lets go see if those people have food."

I picked him up and walked over to the people.

"Do you have any food?" I said. All eyes turned on me. I started to feel light-headed. "We're starving."

I looked at the old man. His eyes turned darker and his face turned stern and cold. "No. We don't have any food to spare. Get out of here street rats."

"Gus!" The old woman cried. "How could you be so cold?"

"We need that food to survive. And we don't need two children to look after."

My face was in complete shock. How could someone be this cold?

"Please sir. My brother. He wouldn't survive without help. I won't either. Have mercy please. Please." I looked into his eyes trying to find pity or mercy. But all I found was a cold heart.

"No. Now leave us be. We have an injured man to take care of."

I started to cry and turned my back. I took few steps before Tom said something.

"Emi. Emi. I think I see mom. And dad too." He mumbled.

"Tommy. They're dead. That can't be possible." I said more tears poring out. I knew what was happening. It was not mystery to me.

I would be sleeping alone tonight.

The old woman gasped and ran toward me as I fell to my knees, Tommy still in my hands. She wrapped her arms around me and the young woman ran over to me too.

"Gus have mercy! Help this poor child! She has lost everything! Don't let her lose her brother too!"

"No! I said no. Come save this man who has actual use to us."

I hugged Tommy and whispered in his ear. "It'll be alright. I promise. Everything will be alright." I whispered over and over again.

Gus continued to yell at his wife as the others found there way over to us. They comforted me and told Tommy it was alright. Every one except Gus and the young man who called the injured on 'Dad', was over here.

"Your all being ridculace! Daniel could help us! What help can a couple of skin and bone kids do for us?" Gus screamed.

"Dad. Stop. Your going to attract more aliens." The young woman said.

"I dont car right now! Daniel needs us! Just a second ago you wanted to save him!"

"Gus. These children are starving! We need to help them!" The old woman said sternly. "Sadie, can you see if we have any food."

The girl named Sadie got up and walked away to check for food.

I looked down at Tommy. I could see him fading away.

"Emily. I'm going to see Mama and Papa again. Im going to see them. Emily they're not dead. I can see them Emily." He said. I started to cry harder.

My mother and Father rejected us for most of our lives for the internet, but we still loved them. They were our parents.

But I could handle their deaths. I can't handle Tommy's. I love him too much.

"Emi. I'm feeling sleepy. I think I'll take a nap." Tommy started to close his eyes.

"No Tommy! Don't close your eyes please! Stay awake for me! Please Tommy! Stay awake!" I cried.

Gus and his wife stopped arguing and all eyes were turned to me and Tommy.

"But I'm tired Emi. Got to go to Sleep." He mumbled before closing his eyes for the last time.

"No! Tommy No! Not you Tommy! Not you too Tommy! No! No! No! Tommy! Please don't go. You're all I have left." I laid my head down on him and wept.

The others tried to comfort me. But it didn't work.

Then a voice came over all of the hushed voices around me. "Daniel's dead too."

A couple people gasped.

"We could have saved him. That little boy was doomed. But Daniel wasn't." Gus growled. "You've killed him.

Sadie broke into tears. She came back a little while ago with a report of no food. But it was too late anyways.

"Gus, Please. Let us take her with us. She has truly lost everything. Its the least we can do for her." Gus's wife said.

"Absolutely no." Gus said.

"Dad!" Sadie cried.

"Dad she has no one." Gus's son said.

"Its the least we can do." Said another man.

"I think she should come." The son of the dead man whispered.

"What? No. She doesn't come." Gus argued.

"To late she's coming." The old woman said. "Jack. Pick her up. She's too skinny to walk and she's probably dehydrated from crying."

The man named Jack nodded and walked over to me. He went to pick me up, but I moved out of the way. I walked over to a bush and picked some flowers out of it.

"What is she doing?" Gus spat.

I ignored him and put the bouquet in Tommy's hands on his stomach.

"I love you Tommy." I said to him and kissed his head. "Say hi to Mom and Dad for me okay?" I added trying not to cry.

I walked back over to Jack and he lifted me up.

I cried as we walked away from the dead bodies.

I love you Tommy

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