Dying Hope

On that fateful night, aliens from the Andromeda galaxy, called Andromedians, came to invade our planet because their planet was dying. The andromedians want to wipe the Earth off with the leading species, so they can rule over the Earth without inteference. Very little things remains. The military is missing, the government has fallen, and the population of the world decreased greatly. Andromedians want us to lose everything, so we'll crumble like the Roman empire.

Chapter 1


We ran. My wife was right beside me, holding onto our son, Kayleb. Jack was running next , we barely had Kevin and his father behind us. The terminator was getting closer by the secound.

I heard Daniel, Kevin's father, cry out in pain, as the demon grabbed him and pulled him back. I noticed Jack yanked out his pistol and aimed it at the alien, shooting it in the head.

The lizard fell down to the ground, falling to the ground upon impact. Kevin ran up to his father and pulled out the tail.The noise of a sharp object being pulled out of flesh rang threw my eardrums as I pulled the tail out of his skin. Daniel screamed as blood rushed out of his side.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" I yelled at Jack. "You used a freaking gun! Do you realize what you've just done Jack? Those freaking lizards from hell are going to swarm us now!"

Jack just ignored me, going up to the dying man. "He needed to be saved, Gus. He would've died."

I could feel the anger rush through my body. What I could yell at tht kid right now. I hollered out "DO YOU UNDERSTAND ANYTHING JACK? That was a terminator! He isn't going to survive without a camp! Wasting a freaking bullet for a dead man!"

Everyone ignored me, even my own family. Kevin and Jack lifted up Daniel onto their shoulders for support. Kevin looked me in the eyes and dictated, "We need to save him!"

I shook my head no. I knew he was a goner, he'd just slow us down. Kevin's eyes watered. Sadie started to cry. She hadn't cried since the first lights of the andromedians, 6 months ago.

Something changed in me, I knew what I was doing was wrong. There was hope for him left. He could survive, if only we had the tools, the medicine.

"Fine." I said. "We'll try to save him."

Sadie's face lightened up. Even at the age of 18, the sight of your daughter's face happy is the greatest feeling of all, even when the world had gone to hell.

Jack broke the quickly made silence though. "We need to keep moving. If that was a terminator, there's going to be more."

We all knew it was true. There were three types of andromedians, terminators were the deadliest, more like the soldiers. There objective, obviously, was to kill. They were the threat to us, always growing smarter.

"Gus?" Kevin asked. "Which way should we go?"

I just surveyed the area, trying to spot a sign of another camp still alive.

"Gus!" Screamed Kevin.

I turned toward Kevin. "Son, if you're talking to me, Gus isn't here right now. Rick is here, and that's what you sha'll call me."

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