Baseball Is Life. (A Story Of Sorts)

About the movie, "The Sandlot", with Benny as a love interest

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Today, the boys and I, Squints (The boy who wears a baseball hat backwards and glasses), Yeah-Yeah (Who always says "Yeah Yeah."), Ham, Bertram, DeNunez, Timmy, Tommy, and Benny, high tailed it to the Sandlot after school let out and i was one of the guys, and I dressed like one cause the girls were supposed to wear dresses and I did not want to do that. I wore some jeans with the ends rolled up secured with a black belt, my pf flyers, a plain shirt, a cut plaid shirt on top, and my hair in my hat. We scattered out into our places and I took mine at left center and got ready to hit Benny's àss out. I smacked my fist into my beat up glove and DeNunez raised his arm and threw a heater in Benny's direction. Benny hit it with a hard crack and it came whisting through the air in my direction, then i quickly caught it and threw it to Bertram who deemed it out. Benny's eyes doubled in size and blinked as he looked around. Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez never got out. I grinned smugly and he pointed a finger at me, mentally saying his revenge. I laughed and shook ny head before walking out for my turn for a few swings at bat. Benny and i crossed paths and i threw the ball to Denunez and handed the glove to Benny and smugly said,
"Nice try, Benjamin."

He looked at me hiding a smirk before running to position and I hit the tops of my shoes with the bat, hit it on the ground and moved my arms in a circle before looking at DeNunez and nodding. He pitched and I hit it with a crack as it went to a small boy timidly watching us from afar.
"Yo! Watch out!" I yelled as I ran my hands through the back of my hair.

The boy looked up and tried to catch it. It ended up hitting into his glove, dropping, and he fell too. The other boys minus Benny erupted into a small fit of laughter.

"Get the ball!" Squints yelled, and I looked over with a motherly scold.
"Squints, shut up!" I retorted as the boy grabbed the ball, turned, and faced us fingering the ball.

He looked at each one of the boys before setting his sights on me and threw the ball, or tried to. It only went a few steps from him.
The boys erupted into laughter once more at the pathetic throw, grabbing their stomachs and bending over before they fell to the ground. I looked at Benny and we shared a shrug and sigh before looking back at the boy, who had just exited the lot. The boys regained themselves and I scowled once more.

"You guys are àssholes, you know that?!" I yelled at them, before Yeah-Yeah let out a few chuckles.

"Whatya gonna do to us, Shorty?" He mused, a smile tugging on his lips. I went over and slapped him across the face as the other boys gasped, chuckled, or just sat there wide eyed.

"Come on, Shorty." Benny sighed, pulling my arm. Before taking one last glance at the boys, Benny and I exited after the poor timid boy.

Now, Benny was the fastest runner out of all the boys. And i was a very close second. So, Benny ran after the boy who ran down the street all of us lived on and the boy went in the house Elswenger used to live in. Benny stopped as we reached the house to catch his breath. The house was a light pink and white, with a hudson parked in front. I strode up the steps and almost let myself in, then as i grabbed the handle, i remembered i couldn't just enter. I let go and rapped on the screen door. The timid boy looked over at us before sighing and standing up, going to greet us. And once he did, he spoke with a small voice.

"Hello?" He asked, and I can hear the hurt from when the boys laughed at him.

"Hey, look, we're apologizing for those as-" "Shorty!" "-blockheads we call friends out there."

Benny scolded me as I almost swore, and his eyes widened toward behind the boy, and his mother was right there in the other room. The boy sighed and licked his lip.

"I suppose I accept your polite apologies..." the kid drew off, biting his lip and looking down at his shoes.

"Bi-Uh, cool. Yeah. Well, this is Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez. We all call him Benny. " I introduced, and Benny nodded lightly, "And everyone just calls me Shorty."

I took the boy's hand in a swift shake and we both shared a nod toward each other

"I'm Scott Smalls." The boy introduced, and I smiled.

"Okay, Scott, how bout tomorrow, we meet up? 8:00." I instructed and he grinned and shook his head vigorously.

"Cool. See ya then, Smalls." Benny parted with a small wave and I did so also, before Benny grabbed my arm gently and directed me to his house, just across the street.

"Hey, I thought you always wanted to play baseball 24/7." I smirked at Benny, and he looked back at me, bit his lip, and laughed gently before entering the house.

"Oh, contrare." Benny replied, then looked around the house. "Ma, I'm home, and Shorty's here."

"Okay!" I heard his mother say from another room and Benny nodded at me, signaling me to follow him in the living room and he sat down, letting out a sigh and kicking off his shoes.

"Those guys really are blockheads." Benny said, looking up from his shoes, and at me. I bit the inside of my cheek and let out an awkward chuckle.

"Ey, you wanna make a milkshake?" I suggested, then Benny chuckled and sat up from the couch.

"Sure," He grinned, and walked into the kitchen and got out the blender while I got out ice cream, cheeries, milk, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. I then set them on the counter and Benny was on the other side of the island plugging in the blender, then looked up and smiled at me.

I grinned back and got out the scoop and struggled to get out some ice cream from the tub that seemed like it was encased with concrete. Benny noticed and walked over to me, and his arm grazed mine.

"Hey, ya want help?" He offered, and I nodded and let go of the scoop. He grinned and took over, using the strength he posessed to get out around ten scoops of ice cream. I saw a vein in his arm pulse out, making it look like he had major muscles. I watched his facial expressions as he scooped. When he went to get the scoop in, his vein pulsed and his arm shaked a little. His teeth clenced, his eyebrows furrowing inward, and when he got it out, his expression relaxed and he put it in the blender. The way he bit his lip was too damn cute.

Once Benny had finished putting in the scoops, I filled it halfway with milk and pressed the "Shake" button on the blender, and Benny watched me intently, and when our gazes met, he grinned so wide. Which made me smile. WHen it was done, Benny got two cups and I filled it with the shake. He then grinned wider and started adding the syrup. I grabbed the whipped cream and added it to my cup.

"Hey, can I see the cream?" Benny asked, and my mouth formed a mischevious grin.

"Sure." I responded, before pressing on the top and the cream flied out and I laughed as Benny screamed in surprise as he got attacked. He put his arms in front of himself to defend and tried grabbing the can. I laughed harder as his lips formed a half smile and laughed too. He then grabbed the can and attacked me.

"NO! Benny! Stop!" I laughed, and grabbed a handtowel, and put it in front of me and I heard Benny stop pressing on the can towards me and added cream to his shake. I looked from the towel and he sprayed once as a warning at me, then capped it and put it back in the shake.

I smiled my full white teeth before completing my shake, and putting a bendy straw in it, and taking a sip, enjoyed the shake that contained Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream. Benny made his own concoction of rocky road and vanilla. He sipped and looked at me, then took the straw out of his and inserted into mine.

"Hey!" I whined, and after he took a sip, he moved his lips from the straw, smacked once, and looked at me with an innocent face.

"Yes?" He smirked, and I laughed and took his straw out and put it back into his shake, then pulled my shake closer to me.

"Mine. Screw you." I smirked and laughed as I cleaned the mess I made of whipped cream and threw the towel at Benny. He caught it and cleaned himself and wiped down the table, then looked back up at me. I smiled innocently and took another sip of my shake. He laughed and shook his head, then grabbed his shake and sat down next to me. And I gotta say, I really enjoyed being with him.

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