This is a true story! I am not making this up! However I wished I did!

Chapter 1

Public Bathroom at Walmart! That's right this **** happened in Wal*Mart Believe it!

Ok so I was heading to the bathroom in Wal*Mart. No biggie. When I get there some random *** dude comes out of the men's bathroom. The guy was about 40 or so. Nothing unusual about that. When all of a sudden he puts his fist in the air and shouts (and I cannot believe he said this!) "I'M A BIG KID NOW!" First thought in my head. "wow. what a idiot" my face was like this O_o, (then I facepalmed myself) while thinking omg that is so stupid! I kinda wished I had my camera on me just so that I had proof of it happening. However I didn't have my camera. But seriously! What person doesn't know how to properly use the bathroom by the time they are 40! And for that matter learn how to in a public bathroom in Wal*Mart nether the less. Then shout out to the world that they used a toliet basically for the first time! OMG! Seriously that guy is either an idiot, high, or both!

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