Zombie Apocalypse Music Repost

Chapter 1

This is short, but at least it's different from the other iPod shuffle games!

Song 1: Overall theme for the Apocalypse: Keep on Bringing Me Down- Forever the Sickest Kids

Song 2: What plays when you kill your first Zombie: Day of Wreckoning- Escape the Fate AWWW YEAAAH! XD

Song 3: Plays as you are getting chased by a horde: Get What You Need- JET

Song 4: Plays as you kill your loved one: Chemicals Collide- Boys Like Girls

Song 5: Song plays when you find a group of survivors: Headfirst for Halos- My Chemical Romance

Song 6: Song that plays when you meet your new love interest: Good Girls Go Bad- Cobra Starship (whaaaaaaat o.O)

Song 7: Plays when you have to make your final stand: Rock Show- Halestorm

Song 8: When you think you've survived it all: Destroya- My Chemical Romance

Song 9: Song plays when you discover a bite mark on you: Get Down on Your Knees and Tell me You Love me- All Time Low

Song 10: End Credits: I am On Your Side- Hawthorne Heights


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