My dad writes a Twilight Parody! Edward Plays Swingball

This is written by me and my dad. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

My Dad's Turn!

by: Cosmiic
A/N: 'Edward' is said 'Ed-werd, and spelt 'Edwrd'.

It was a dark broody day, in the garden of his condo in Rorks, Edwrd was playing an aggressive game of Swingball - with himself! To any human observer he was just a blurred shape as he ran to the other side of the post to return the ball at break-neck speed. Each time hitting the ball so hard the cord buzzed with tension and the ball shrieked as if in pain. After nearly three hours he still had not won and was not even out of breath. All of a sudden, he was disturbed by his girlfriend, Belly.
"Hi, hon. I'm home" she called whilst juggling a brown bag of groceries under one arm and little baby Enron under the other arm.
"Sorry, I'm late, I stopped off at the blood bank on the way home to get you something special for tea." before adding "can you give me a hand, I think Enron needs her diaper changed. She smells like my Pa after he's had a big meal at the diner."
"Sure thing sweetie" retorted Edwrd as he rushed in from the garden.

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