What Does Your Music Taste Say About You?

I should make a personality quiz version of this! One that actually tells you what your music taste reveals about your personality. This is just one of those music shuffle games (BUT IT'S QUITE "DIFFERENT" FROM THE OTHER VERSIONS SO FAR!! Read the instructions...) :D

Chapter 1

Have fun if you're reposting!

Answer this like you're filling up a friend's Autograph book. Only, you do the regular iPod shuffle thing. XD Questions may or may not make sense depending on the answer. :P Enjoy!

And to those who bother to look at MY answers, I hope you find a common favorite artist with me, or possibly one you've never heard of. Also remember, this was made for you just to enjoy music. It doesn't matter whether your answer makes sense or not. :D And I hope you have a good laugh with how random the answers are to the questions. :P

~/Originally created by BleedingForMCRandFOB/~ (out of boredom)

~Getting to Know You~
Name: Makeout Party- Green Day

Nickname: Do or Die- Forever the Sickest Kids

Age: Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes- Fall Out Boy

Birthday: Chicago is So Two Years Ago- Fall Out Boy

Zodiac Sign: Now or Never- Three Days Grace

Hometown: Miss the Misery- Foo Fighters

Current residence: Bring 'Em Down- Lostprophets

Cellphone number: What If- Simple Plan

Email: A Party Song (The Walk of Shame)- All Time Low

School/Job: If You Think This Song is About You, it Probably is- D.R.U.G.S.

Level/Job position: 21 Guns- Green Day

Hobbies: Nobody’s Home- Avril Lavigne (well I guess I do a lot of my hobbies when
nobody's home :P)

Fave Sports: Summer Paradise (feat. K'naan)- Simple Plan

Fave Athlete: You Lied- Green Day (well I have NO fave athlete so it's technically a lie??)

Fave Food: Chasing the Night- Every Avenue (...)

Fave Drink: Make Damn Sure- Taking Back Sunday ("you hollow out my hungry eyes" well... IDK)

Fave Game: Teenagers (Piano cover)- My Chemical Romance- by some person on YouTube

Fave Music/Song: 21st Century Breakdown- Green Day

Fave singer/band: Shameless- All Time Low (hmm not really, but they're ok)

Fave color: Summertime- The Click Five (DAMN it should've been Bury Me in Black by MCR XD)

Fashion Trend: Rough Landing, Holly- Yellowcard ("Holly" just makes me think of Christmas...)

Likes (2 songs): The Last Fight- Bullet for My Valentine and So I Tonight- Flyleaf

Dislikes (2 songs): My Only One- All Time Low and Mike Kennedy is a Bad Friend- The Wonder Years

Religion/beliefs: Scream- Get Scared

Fave Quote (pretend the song is the quote): Too Far Gone- The All-American Rejects

Personal Motto: Five Becomes Four - Yellowcard

~Let's Chat~
Describe Yourself: No More- Three Days Grace

How did you meet your friends? Sugar in the Engine- Hawthorne Heights

What do you like the most about your friends? Someone Who Cares- Three Days Grace (finally a sensible answer! Based on the title alone I doubt it’s true but when I listen to the song it's quite true)

What could they (your friends) like the most about you? Holly Wood Died- Yellowcard

What do people call you? Sorrow- Flyleaf

Who is your best friend? I Hate Everything About You- Three Days Grace (damn, what does this mean?!)

What was your best friend's first gift to you? Whereabouts Unknown- Rise Against

What is your dream in life? No Pride- Green Day

What are your wishes for yourself? Get Me Outta Here- JET (out of where?! School?)

Wishes for others? Don Quixote- Pencey Prep

Happiest: X-Kid- Green Day

Funniest: Again- Flyleaf (uhh well... no comment ^^;)

Maddest/Angriest: Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner- Fall Out Boy

Saddest: Tight Wad Hill- Green Day

Craziest: The Strength to Go On- Rise Against

Most adventurous: Hurt- Get Scared

Most exciting: Anything But Ordinary- Avril Lavigne (of course...)

Most embarrassing: Feels Like Tonight- Daughtry

Fave activities: Angel to You (Devil to Me)- The Click Five

Best traveling experience: I Should Have Known- Foo Fighters

Best shopping experience: Scream, Aim, Fire- Bullet for My Valentine

What your best chill/hanging out moments feel like: Say You Will- Evanescenece

Most memorable event in my life: Desensitized- Green Day

Relationship status: Platypus (I Hate You)- Green Day ("no one loves you" damn, thanks)

What will your future love life be like? Trying- Lifehous (o.O)

Social class: I Love You- Avril Lavigne (what…)

Morality level: Watch the World- Every Avenue

IQ: Saying Goodbye- Every Avenue

Virgin? Mz.Hyde- Halestorm

Whether yes or no, why? She's a Rebel- Green Day (Because I'm a rebel, huh? Still don't know if it was yes or no though :P)

Describe your wedding (may be past or future): The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You- My Chemical Romance

Describe your honeymoon (may be past or future): Disenchanted (background/instrumental)- My Chemical Romance

Describe your future funeral (assuming none of those taking this are zombies :p): This Week the Trend- Reliant K

What song was written especially for you? Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass- All Time Low (whaaat, really?! O.O)

What song was actually about you, but the artist has been keeping the dedication secret this whole time? Sarah Smiles- Panic! At the Disco [my name starts with an S...close enough! I smile like I don’t care? Hmm…not really but maybe sometimes. I don’t live in the world being unaware. :)) ]

What song describes your past (meaning the artist has been stalking you.. LOL)? West Coast Smoker- Fall Out Boy (no… but at least FOB was stalking me!—but they didn’t do it right)

What song describes your future (the artist has been stalking you, and is a fortune teller)? You and Me and One Spotlight- Yellowcard

The best song for you to cover: Pushing Through- Mudvayne (I can’t cover a song if I'm not passionate enough about it... though at least the screaming part is accurate--I can scream)

If you were to perform a song with anyone, who would that be and what song? Turn Off the Lights- Panic! At the Disco

What does the next musician that comes out on shuffle think of you?- Helena (Piano cover)- My Chemical Romance- same person who did Teenagers

Which musician loves you and why (the song is the reason)? On the Wagon- Green Day (OMG!!! <3 )

Which musician hates you and why (ouch!)? Soundtrack- Yellowcard (doesn't make sense...)

What is your real favorite song, but you keep denying it? Worth Dying For- Rise Against

What song do you actually hate but convince yourself to listen to it since you're supposed to like it? That Girl- All Time Low

What song were you forced to like? Oh Love (karaoke/instrumental)- Green Day (Forced to like 'cause it's by one of my fave bands? Possibly. I can't control my unconscious mind. I love this song though)

What song are you being forced to hate? Forever Girl- Forever the Sickest Kids (actually... I can see why this isn't really my fave song on my iPod...)

What song has the best genre for your current musical skills/talents? I Don't Love You (Piano cover)- My Chemical Romance- same person who did Teenagers and Helena (I can't play piano--only melodies! And I suck at playing anything classical) But if it were the orig.song... slow rock? Possibly accurate.

How did you feel about this variation of an iPod shuffle post? Let it Die- Foo Fighters

How did you feel while answering this?- Sing for Me- Yellowcard

Finally, what is your message to whoever is reading this? Bring Me to Life (version 2)- Evanescence

{Personal note: As much as I love ETF, FIR, and BVB none of their songs came out!}


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