This is what I want you all to do, right now.

Chapter 1


I want you all to go to the closest mirror you can find. I want you to look straight at that person you see. I don't want you to wince, or look away like you always do. I want you to look, and stare there. I don't care how long you have to stare there, find something beautiful in you. And I want you to know it's beautiful. I want you to comment it below, so you can see it written out. So you can believe it. And you know what? If someone ever calls you ugly, they haven't looked at you long enough. If you think you're ugly, you haven't looked long enough either. So do it right now. You're beautiful, every single one of you.

Notice how everyone says "imperfection is beauty" but no one actually believes it? Well I want you to be the first.


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