Secrets in the Dark - A LOTR Fic

A story about a girl who secretly follows the Fellowship on their fantastic journey. starts as a secret, anyway.

For the romantics out there, yes, it's partly a love story. I couldn't resist. X)

(This story used to be titled Secrets That Everyone Knows. It's the same story, I just changed the title to something a little less lame. X)

Chapter 1


Every story has a beginning. Some stories begin with an unusual event in history. Some start with a commonplace day turning extraordinary. And some originate with someone about to undertake a difficult task.

This story starts with all of those things. It is a story about a girl - a young woman of nearly 18 summers, a refined lady of noble birth - who lived during the end of the Third Age of Middle-Earth. A girl who, on one commonplace day, witnessed an extraordinary, history-making event, and resolved to undertake an extremely dangerous task. A girl who risked her life, many times over, in order to ensure the safety of a ragtag team - a motley assortment of people, from hobbits to elves - a strange compilation of various races.

But I get ahead of myself - I forget I must start from the beginning. To understand the beginning of this story, you must know a little bit about this girl, this young woman of nearly 18 summers, this lady of noble birth. This girl's name was Tinúrien, hailing from the realm of Gondor. She lived for most of her life in the White City itself, and her mother had been a friend of the Lady Fanduilas of Dol Amroth, wife of the steward of Gondor who died when Tinúrien was only four. But because of this friendship, Tinúrien was accepted into very high circles of society upon her "coming of age" at fifteen - and yet, she did not enjoy the life of a noblewoman. She would prefer to be riding and hunting with the princes of the City, Boromir and Faramir. She had always enjoyed their company, though they rarely seemed to notice her. Faramir was more considerate than his straightforward brother, but clearly, neither of them truly found reason to consider the quick-witted, bold, strong Tinúrien an equal.

But equality was not her goal in life. No, what Tinúrien wanted more than anything was to do good for someone - to do something important, even if she didn't receive any credit for her efforts. And she knew this fate would never be hers while she merely existed complacently in the White City of her forefathers.

And this realization was the one which caused her to disguise herself one day in the cloak and armor of a royal guard and surreptitiously slip into Lord Boromir's entourage as he began a journey to the Hidden City, Rivendell, home of the elves. She gathered her long, raven hair into a frayed knot and covered it with her deep hood. She distorted her slender figure with armor meant for a man much larger than she. She marred her fair skin and beautiful features with dirt to give her a swarthy, weather-worn complexion. Riding briskly away from the White City with the prince and his soldiers, Tinúrien left her old life behind and became a new person - one who could change the world.

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