Left Me AloneTo Die

This is one of my better poems so I thought I would revisit it :)

Chapter 1

Killer By Night,Thief By Day

You told me you loved me
Then left like you did not
You forgot all about me
And all that I had brought

I should have known it would end
Forever lasted a month and three days
And put my life in a bend

I was stopped in my tracks
Once I saw you with her
The very next day
I could not be sure

I couldn't hold it together
The tears came down
Fell like a waterfall
And dripped like an old spout

I was down for the count
Not up for long
I felt bound in a web
Locked in a cage

I could not cage my rage
For you threw me away
"I will not have this!"
I say and stumbled away

For I tried and tried again
For love and affection
But I could not get away
You gave me an infection

It had spread through my body
It would not go away
For this disease it grows
Each and every day

For you're a thief!
A theif yes you are!
"What did he steal?"They say and I reply
"My heart."

But he left me alone
A jar on the table
My broken heart beating
My vitals are not stable

Left me alone to die
Die of broken heart
He's a killer
Lovemaker Heartbreaker

He's best in the world
I was his prey
Predator of my heart
Killer by night,thief by day

He left me alone to die
And I have learned
My mouth sewn shut
And no soul to be earned


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