It's Immortality, My Darlings .

It's Immortality, My Darlings .

No need for an intro..... enjoy

Chapter 1

Chapter one

Spencer's POV

High school isn't as hard as college students say. They're just trying to scare the wits out of you believe me. Soon I will be that college student but instead Alison will do the talking. "Spence come on. You really don't want to go to this party? Is it because you kissed Ian." She cooed but knowing Alison it was in an evil, despicable way. "Ali. I told you to NOT speak of it again. Melissa is right inside." I said with my teeth gritted. "Maybe she already knows." Ali smiled and winked. "Well I have to get going. I have stuff to do." "What stuff?" I asked. She twirled her pointer finger in her wavy, perfect blonde hair and responded: "It's a secret." And strutted off back to her modern Victorian house. I just wanted to scream at the top of my lungs and let everything out. Alison is the queen of secrets. Sometimes I wished she was dead. But that's just an expression. I still had to practice for my field hockey championship game and study for three tests. Melissa is another obstacle I have to get through. In the Hastings family it's our motto: Why enjoy today when you can worry about tomorrow? Great motto isn't it? Ali sure would've been proud of me, of how many secrets I have kept. But Alison is dead.


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