My interesting Story about Quibblo!

My interesting Story about Quibblo!

Hey guys! :D
This is all you need to know about the amazing website, QUIBBLO!
I'm doing this for the QWC #17.So please like! :)

Chapter 1

How Quibblo first begun!

What is the history of Quibblo and who started it?

It all started when he was just a baby, he had a perfectly normal and positive start to his live; He always did what he was told by his parents, He had alot of supportive friends and he was always friendly to others. But will his life get any better? Let's find out!

When he started to go to School, the Teacher asked him, "What would like to do when you grow up?" He replied "hmmm, I would like to do something different. Maby I could be an Astronaut or be a Games designer" But then he had an even better idea "I could make my own facinating quiz website!"
He didn't want to be like anybody else, he wanted to show everybody what he was really made off.

After he finished School, he went to College to study Technology. He was always planning on how he was going to make his quiz website on the Computer. He thought "What kind of Layout do I want? What kind of Quizzes and Stories will people enjoy? Would I like to invite other extrodinary people to my fun website?" On the day he was going to get his result's, he was so nervous and shaky. "If I fail,my life is going to be over!" He took his results and found out that...drum roll...HE PASSED! He had never ever been so excited and thrilled in all his life.

He then went to go to University to work even harder on getting to make his very own website."Just one more step, then I can make that quiz website" When he got his result's, he knew he was going to pass. He was more confident than ever because he did so well at College. He picked up his results and...HE PASSED! He was finally ready to make his website.

A few month's later, he started to make his website. "Now,what shall I call it, I think il'l call it, QUIBBLO!" It took him ages to make the website, but after alot of hard work,the website was complete! When more and more people started joining Quibblo, and loving the website, he felt like Professor Dumbledore, a great leader and a great Man! He felt like a god.

When and why?

Quibblo first started on the 06-13-2007. He wanted to make this wonderful quiz website, becuase he wanted people from all around the world to enjoy Quizzes and Stories made by other people. We also love messaging each other and talking about things; for example there is Anime, Gothic stuff, Love and even Sport's. Things like that. One of the best things about Quibblo is you get to share Quizzes and Stories with people outside of Quibblo!

My opinion on Quibblo...

I think Quibblo is one of the best website's ever! You can do all sort's of things, and I never get bored, NEVER! Who could ever get bored of Quibblo? Nearly everybody on here is so friendly, and they always cheer me up!

It's not just Quibblo that makes a good Quibblo, It's all you wonderful and brillaint people! You make Quibblo one of the best website's ever! Quibblo, thankyou so much for what you have done for everybody on here! You always know how to make people feel excited and you should be proud for what you have done! Thankyou! ALL HAIL QUIBBLO!

I hope you enjoyed this Story about Quibblo. Thankyou gise :D


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