The real History of Quibblo

This is my history on The Quibblo! Read it! I said read it! YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Chapter 1

Quibblo's Life.

Some of you might not know this. But Quibblo is not of this earth. He is from a parallel universe known as ZeInternet from the alien inhabited planet .Com where everyone there looks human (well from the waist up), but they are not. The lower half of their bodies are like a mist. Kinda like how a genie would look like in our world. (which is why if you ever look at a photo of him it will not show him from the waist down!) They dress normally like people do. Their world is a peaceful planet with advanced technologies that we would never come close to the likes of seeing in millions of years. They were a peaceful planet. Based on science, literature, mathematics, agricultural, the arts, and learning. Quibblo was the son to such proud parents. His mother was one of the top leading Nuerobiologists in the solar system, and his father was a famous Writer and Composer of some of the best music ever made. He grew up with three sisters and two brothers. He was the Eldest out of his siblings.He was preceded by his sister, Luna ( who became an astrophysicist), he brother Darmuthe (He later became the President of .Com, his Sister Abalign Mae, who followed a career in the arts as a actress, dancer, and writer), His brother Kobalt, who ended up becoming a Zarpaytos player. (.Com's favorite all time sport and pass time), and then the youngest little ole Buceil Laine, who became a famous Zoologist, and when she turned 18, moved to the wild jungles of planet Jungulea to live with the wild Tregnaok's of the plant. (Tregnaoks are like a cross between a giraffe and a ape, they look like apes, but with the long necks of a giraffe, and are considered an endangered species!).

Where as Quibblo inheriting both his mother's love of science, and his father's love of the arts pursued both of his natural talents. He was an amazing inventor and love to write. It was in 1979(our time here on earth which runs much slower, time works differently here) that he was building his masterpiece. A teleporter device in which to travel from planet to planet. It was while testing out this device when something terrible happened. When inside the device it was struck by lighting, so Instead of taking him to the Planet Aqualaria, where his cousin Valqueria Marina, a marine biologist for a visit, he was taken to another universe. Quibblo woke up to find himself in one of the abandoned subway stations that lies underneath New York's city streets. Wondering where he was at, he wandered up to the surface to find himself on the corner of a busy street in New York city late at night. He was walking down the street when he passed by one of the shops windows and stopped to look. Not because of the what was inside of the store but to see his reflection on the window. He looked and saw that he had grown legs! He had been too confused by what had happened to notice that he had grown legs when he came to this universe and assumed that he was still floating. "Extraordinary" He proclaimed. "It seems as though I have grown a pair of appendages." Imagine if we had these back home on .Com. His face grew sad realizing he had no idea where he was or how he would ever get back.

Within a couple days of being in New York he realized just how unadvanced our world was. So finding a computer, he decided to create what we call the Internet, which he named after his universe, with the sites like the many planets in his system ending in .com after his home planet. He eventually created what is now know to us as where he combined his love of technology and of writing together, and as a way to bring people together since he was so lonely.

Now, some of you might be asking, well if he arrived here in 1979, wouldn't that make him old now. Well if you had read earlier time in our universe runs much slower then in his. So what would have been 44 years for us, it has only been like a couple months to him. He is waiting until our technologies are advanced enough so he can return back to his beloved planet .Com and publish a story about his time here on Earth. Until that day he patrols and shares in peoples love of quizzes, stories, reading, writing, poetry, and of other interests.

And that my friends is the true story of Quibblo. Now some of you may ask, now how do you know all this? Well Maybe, you should ask him that yourself.


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