Kelia Druella Malfoy...Snape!

Kelia Druella Malfoy...Snape!

okay, so this was originally in quiz form, but I'm remodeling it and updating/editing it a bit. :)

Chapter 3

My favorite teacher...NOT.

I ran from the my Hospital Wing at top speed, knowing I had to hurry. Madame Pomfrey had given me the okay to leave that morning, but I had chosen to stay and sleep or "rest my arm".

Damn, why didn't I get up when Cho and the others were leaving after lunch? I can't be late again, I'll be dead!

I ran up to the common room in Ravenclaw Tower, grabbed my Potions books from the table by the window, and raced back out of the Tower and down to the dungeons for Potions.

I knew I had to be there today, since I was "sick" or late every class last week. And Professor Snape would not be very appreciative about that.

Damn me and my late sleeping patterns!

I burst into the room, causing heads to turn and stare at me, which I absolutely hated. "Sorry Professor Snape, I was-"

I was actually interrupted by Draco and the other Slytherins laughing.

"Don't you mean Daddy?" Pansy laughed derisively.

Is that supposed to be some kind of sexual joke? I tried to finish my sentence. "I was in the hosp-"

This time I was interrupted by Professor Snape himself. "I am aware of your situation, Ms. Malfoy, now would you please take a seat and stop interrupting my class."

Snape glared at me as I rolled my eyes, taking my seat next to Hermione, Ron, and Harry. "Now I want you all to continue creating your Draught of Peace, and Ms. Malfoy, if you would please see me at my desk."

My shoulders slumped for a second as I plopped my bag down on my chair. Damn it.

Snape swept back to the front of the room, his robes billowing out as he went. Everyone else returned to their cauldrons, even the Slytherins, who knew not to mess with their head of house.

Hermione sent me a sympathetic look as I walked up there. I tried to smile back, but it was basically a grimace.

"Sir?" I addressed him civilly and politely, waiting for him to speak.

Professor Snape just glared at me. "If you are late to my class again, Ms. Malfoy, it will be detention for a week. Be. On. Time." His nose was nearly an inch from mine and I fought back the urge to spit in his eye.

That would not help me at this point.

Then he waved me away impatiently, as if he was tired at looking at my face. "Go back to your seat."

You haven't gotten detention, you're fine, just do as he says. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes and struggled to remain calm as I walked back to my seat.

Until I tripped and went sprawling over Draco's foot to the floor. I scrambled to my feet amidst Slytherin laughter.

"Detention!" Snape barked.

I smirked at Draco triumphantly. Justice is sweet.

"Ms. Malfoy, you have detention, not Mr. Malfoy." Snape drawled lazily.

Pardon me? I spun around to face Professor Snape then, unable to control my anger. "What? I have DETENTION for FALLING because HE made me trip? Bloody HELL, that's the most ridiculous thing-!"

I slapped a hand over my mouth as I realized what I'd said.

Holy shit. He's going to kill me.

Every single student in the classroom was watching silently as Snape came towards me slowly, his footsteps echoing across the quiet room. He stopped and looked down at me, a sneer on his face. "Detention. For disrupting my class. For a week. Be in my office at 7 o'clock sharp. Be late and it'll be a month plus points taken from your house."

I lowered my hand from my mouth as he leered at me. "Now, if you would. Sit. Down. Now." Snape said in a dangerously slow manner.

What the hell did I even do wrong? This is bloody ridiculous! I turned and stomped back to my seat, throwing out the chair and dropping into it so that it made a loud noise as the classroom once again echoed with the Slytherins' laughter.

I looked up and stared at Snape defiantly until he looked away and went to his desk.

Damn him. And Draco. The two of them are bastards.

Conversations started up again as I got my potions ingredients out from my bag.

"Don't bother, Ms. Malfoy," Snape droned from the front. "I've already given you a zero for the class."

The dumb- I opened my mouth to say something, but Ron punched me in the knee under the table.

Kelia, you don't need more trouble. I told myself warningly.

I took a deep breath to calm down and smiled up at my professor sarcastically. "Thanks for saving me the trouble, sir." I began to put my head down on my desk, but Snape just kept going.

"Of course, I do expect to have two rolls of parchment on the correct way to brew a Draught of Peace. And I would also like to know the properties of all the ingredients in the potion, to be turned in tomorrow's class."

Son of a bitch!

"But, sir!" I cried out, leaping to my feet in outrage.

Snape cut me off again. "Ten points from Ravenclaw. Need I say anything else?"

Bloody hell. I'm going to kill Draco. I glared at him murderously and sat down, not moving for the rest of class as my anger boiled just under the surface, me barely being able to keep it under control.

And as soon as class was over, I bolted out of the classroom, my bag slung hastily over my shoulder, my hands shaking from rage.

Since all classes were over for the day, I went outside. The rain from the weekend was over, and the sweltering heat that met me was like summer saying its last good-bye.

As I walked, I tore off my Ravenclaw sweater, loosened my tie, and rolled up the sleeves of my shirt, all as I ran to the Black Lake.

I really liked to run because it helped me burn off steam when I was angry.

And I got angry a hell of a lot more often than I cared to admit.

When I got to the lake, I dropped my stuff on a piece of old driftwood that was higher up on the shore, leaving my socks and shoes there too.

I ran into the shallows of the lake, splashing myself and not even caring.

I stood there and threw rocks as far and as hard as I could, trying to let off some more steam.

What the hell does he even have against me, the git? What the hell did I ever do to him? I was so mad I was ready to strangle Snape, so I had to calm down somehow.

After about 10 minutes of that, I stopped and took a deep breath. Kelia, you're overreacting again. You're fine. Just get back in the castle and forget about Snape.

Sighing, I put my jet-black, curly tangled mess of hair into a bun on top of my head and went back to my stuff.

I smashed my feet back into my socks and shoes and lugged the rest of my stuff back up to the castle for dinner.

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