Kelia Druella Malfoy...Snape!

Kelia Druella Malfoy...Snape!

okay, so this was originally in quiz form, but I'm remodeling it and updating/editing it a bit. :)

Chapter 2

Skelo-grow. Blech.


I thought I heard someone, but I was so sleepy that I didn't care to listen.

"Kelia, wake up."

I yawned. It was probably just Cho trying to wake me up for classes, which I didn't want to go to.


Ugh, fine! I groaned and rolled over quickly.

My first mistake.

"Ow! Holy shit!" I yelled at the pain in my head as I jerked up and opened my eyes.

The first thing I saw was Draco's face leering at me.

"Oh, GOD, that's gonna give me nightmares!" I yelped, scrambling backwards on the bed.

What is he even doing here?

"Haha, Kelia," he drawled lazily, inspecting his nails. I looked around and saw a bottle of Skelo-grow on the table next to my bed.

Oh, this is the Hospital Wing. Why am I here?

Oh, right. Because he knocked me off of my damn broomstick.

"Oh, great," I said. I hated Skelo-grow from past experiences. "So what happened this time, Draco? Did you "lose control" of the broom again?" I glared at him.

Draco smiled sarcastically. "Yes, dear sister, I did. And I came to apologize."

I rolled my eyes. And I have a fat rat for an uncle. Yeah, right. "What happened after I fell, Draco?"

"Well, you were hit by another Bludger that hadn't been caught, and it shattered the bones in your arm. Then you kept falling to the ground. Luckily for you, your father was there to save you."

Huh? I raised my eyebrows. "Dad came here?"

Draco laughed as if he knew something I didn't. "Of course not. God, you sure are stupid for a Ravenclaw, aren't you?"

I glared at him again. "Draco, either spit it out or get out."

He held up his hands in surrender, a satisfied smirk on his face. "I can't tell you. Bye, get well soon, sister."

The little git. I shook my head as he left the hospital wing.

Almost as soon as he left, my Quidditch team came in, still in their Quidditch robes, tracking in rain and mud.

"Hey, guys!" I said excitedly, grinning at them.

Michael propped my broomstick against the table next to me as they all chorused, "Hey, Kelia!"

"Ohmygod, I'm so glad you're okay, Kelia!" Cho squealed, looking like she had been crying.

"Yeah, I mean, if Snape hadn't been there, you could've..." Jeremy trailed off when Terry punched him in the arm.

Wait, huh?

"Snape saved me?" I asked astonishedly.

"Yeah," Cho said, making a weird face. "It was weird. It looked like he screamed as you did, but it must have just been me being panicky as you fell. He shouted some spell that slowed your fall and set you on the ground gently."

Really? I scratched my head. "Doesn't Snape hate me?"

"Yeah, I thought so too," Michael said, grinning. "It's kinda funny, actually. You always cause trouble in his classes, and if you think about, he could have claimed he didn't see you, like everyone else, and then you'd be out of his hair."

Cho gasped. "Michael! That's a horrible thing to say!"

Roger and Jeremy laughed began to laugh uproariously at that, and I couldn't help but grin."It's fine, Cho. I'm not offended. He actually has a point."

We all laughed until Madame Pomfrey came in. "Kelia has other people waiting, so I'm going to have to ask that you leave."

"Awww...." My Quidditch team chorused, even as they grinned.

"Oh, hush up and go on already!" Madame Pomfrey said exasperatedly, a smile on her lips as well.

"Bye, guys!" I called as they left, taking their wet, squeaky shoes and muddy equipment with them, which Madame Pomfrey immediately began to clean up from, grumbling all the while.

Hermione, Harry, Ron, Ginny, and the twins burst into the room as my teammates left.

"Kelia! That was some wicked Quidditch playing!" Fred and George chorused.

I grinned. "Yeah, better watch out, Gryffindor. Ravenclaw's comin' to get you!"

"Yeah, right, Kelia," Harry raised his eyebrows at me. "Try saying that again when we kick your asses."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Does everything have to be about Quidditch?"

"YES." Me, Ron, Harry, and the twins said loudly before we burst into laughter.

Hermione shook her head, choosing to ignore us. "How's your arm feeling, Kelia?"

I was about to answer that it hurt like hell, but then Madame Pomfrey bustled back into the room from her office, carrying a glass with her. "All right, all of you out, she has to take some Skelo-grow and you all know that this is nasty business. She'll be out as quick as can be, as long as she gets her rest, okay?"

"Aw, Madame Pomfrey..." I groaned, letting my head fall back against the pillows.

"Don't "Aw, Madame Pomfrey" me," She said sternly, measuring out my Skelo-grow as my friends fought back laughter. "And you five need to scram, now." Madame Pomfrey said this without even turning to look at my friends, because she's just that awesome.

It was my turn to laugh uproariously as my friends (especially the Weasleys) turned red and walked back out of the Hospital Wing, mumbling their good-byes as they went.

Madame Pomfrey handed me a glass full to the brim of Skelo-grow as I wrinkled my nose. "Here you go, Kelia. Drink up."

I made a face. "But-"

"No buts, Kelia," Madame Pomfrey put her hands on her hips as she glared down at me. "Drink it. Now."

I sighed and took a deep breath, lifting the glass up to my lips. Then I downed the whole, disgusting-tasting drink in one gulp, nearly gagging as I did so.

"Very good, Kelia," Madame Pomfrey patted me on the head and took the glass from me, fluffing up my pillows as well. "Now would be a good time to try and get some more sleep, okay?"

I grimaced as I felt the bones in my arm begin to knit themselves back together. Skelo-grow works fast. "Sure, Madame Pomfrey. I'll try."

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