Kelia Druella Malfoy...Snape!

Kelia Druella Malfoy...Snape!

okay, so this was originally in quiz form, but I'm remodeling it and updating/editing it a bit. :)

Chapter 1

The Quidditch match

I breathed in deeply as the team and I got set to go out and play my favorite game: Quidditch.

"Hey, Kelia, you ready?" Roger Davies asked as everyone else started walking to the doors.

I nodded, setting my jaw and picking up my broom.

This was the first Quidditch game of the season of my fifth year at Hogwarts. The only thing that had me stressed right now was my pain-in-the-ass brother, Draco.

Yes, I know what you're thinking, she's in Slytherin, right?


I hate Slytherins with a passion.

I happen to be in Ravenclaw. My best friend is Hermione Granger, along with Harry Potter and all the Weasleys.

Not that my parents are too pleased about that.

But I really could care less about what they're pleased about. Sometimes I don't even feel like they are my real parents, which freaked me out sometimes.

Get it together, Kelia! I snapped out of it as my team and I heard Lee Jordan announce the Slytherin Quidditch team.

We saw them fly into the stadium to cheering from the Slytherins that was hard-pressed to be heard over the"boos" that the rest of the student body was shouting.

"Everybody ready?" Roger asked us again, taking one last look at our team.

Cho and I nodded, grinning as Terry Boot, Michael Corner, and Jeremy Stretton all yelled,"YEAH!"

Our Keeper, Grant Page, just nodded tersely. He tended to be a quiet kind of guy.

Then Lee was announcing our team and we all mounted our brooms, shooting out into the pouring rain, me riding the only Firebolt on the team because my parents had gotten it for me.

The seven of us did a quick lap around the stadium as the crowd roared, especially the Ravenclaws and Gryffindors.

We passed the teachers and I noticed that Professors Dumbledore and Snape were watching me strangely. What the hell is that about? I shook it off as we met Madame Hooch in the center of the field.

She looked at both sides carefully as the Slytherins leered at us. "Now I want a nice, clean game." Madame Hooch said sternly.

Then the balls were released and the game was on!

I vaguely saw Draco zooming around looking for the snitch, running into Cho(on purpose, I knew for sure).

Roger, Jeremy and I passed the Quaffle among the three of us as we belted down the pitch. Jeremy passed it to me at the last second and I threw it with all my might. Bletchley, the Slytherin Keeper, just missed it and I scored!


"YEAH!" I yelled, giving Roger and Jeremy high-fives before quickly pulling a sloth move to avoid a Bludger aimed at me by Crabbe.

I felt the Bludger knock aside some of my hair, that's how close it got. Keep on task, Kelia! I scolded myself as I zoomed after Marcus Flint, who was in possession of the Quaffle.

The game went on for over two hours with no sign of the Snitch. By the time two hours had passed, the score was us: 120 and Slytherin: 30.

Neither Cho nor Draco had been able to nab the snitch in this rain. It was just too dark, even though it was the middle of the day.

We sneaked five more goals past Bletchley in quick succession.

The game was getting uglier and uglier as it got harder and harder to see. It seemed like Madame Hooch was blowing her whistle repeatedly because Warrington kept trying to knock us off of our brooms.

Warrington slammed into Jeremy and nearly knocked him off of his broom, the Quaffle flying from his hands. Come on, come on! I urged my broom to go faster to get over there, and then I had the Quaffle under my arm and I was speeding up the pitch.

"Come on, Kelia!" I heard a faint yell from the stands.

I was getting closer and closer to the goal posts. I passed Cho, who was sitting in one spot and I could heard Roger yell at her, "Cho, what are you DOING? GET GOING!"

Then I was hit in the gut by a Bludger and immediately after, I was body-slammed by Warrington. Shit!

The Quaffle was ripped from my hands and I fell sideways off of my broom, barely hanging onto the slick broomstick by my fingertips. I heard the crowd gasp collectively.

"Kelia!" I heard Jermey shout as he flew past me, after Warrington.

I struggled to get back on my broom, but kept slipping and Bludgers were flying past me every which way. One hit me on the leg, making me wince in pain.

I heard Lee say that Ravenclaw had scored again, but I didn't hear the crowd cheering. I pulled myself up so that I was halfway onto the broom, but then I was hit in the head with another Bludger.

Bloody hell! I roared from the pain in my head and heard more gasps from the crowd. I barely managed to get myself up and onto the broom, my head pounding like I was a drum.

Come on, Kelia, get it together! I shook myself and then I was speeding towards Warrington, who had the Quaffle again, trying to ignore the pain in my head.

I came closer until I was able to snatch the Quaffle from right under his arm. Pulling a quick turnaround on my Firebolt, I raced back down the pitch, headed for Bletchley again.

I could hear the crowd cheering as I stood up on my broom(which I did all the time). I aimed as best as I could in the pouring rain and threw the Quaffle as soon as I was close enough, sending it towards the farthest hoop, which Bletchley wasn't expecting.

He didn't get there in time and I heard Lee say we scored. 190! Immediately after, I heard him say Cho had caught the snitch.


"Woo-hoo!" I yelled as the team flew towards her, all yelling at once. Slytherin lost by 310 points!

I headed towards my team, who were all giving each other high-fives and cheering loudly, not that I could hear them over the roar of the crowd.

But as I neared them, my head started to feel really weird. What is going on? It was like I was floating all of a sudden, like my head was full of air.

Then Draco rammed into me from the side, and because I wasn't paying attention, I fell off of my broom.

This time, I couldn't even grab my broomstick. This time, I screamed as I fell, but after that all I remember is black.


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