How Quibblo Began

For the Writing Competition. I know I won't win, but lots of people are doing it.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

The next day, Melanie Michaels strolled into English class, flicking her black hair behind her, like the popular cheerleader, Amanda, in front of her.

The class laughed. Melanie grinned, she was used to that. After all, she was the class clown.

"Now,"said Mr. Todd, the English teacher, "I would like you all to hand up your essays on how you view the world."

Melanie pulled up her bag, and looked inside. She rummaged through the bag, but couldn't find her folder anywhere.

She began to drum her fingers on the desk, she had forgotten the essay. At least now she'd look like a normal girl, struggling to keep her English grades above average.

Melanie was, of course, the opposite, of that. She always hid her essays once the teacher marked them, so no one would know that she was a bit of a genius. She lied to her "friends", and told them that she mainly got B's and C's at school.

Little did they know, that Melanie Michaels, class clown, was also class nerd, although she wasn't very proud of it.

Just then there was a small knock on the door. "Come in," Mr. Todd instructed, looking up at the door.

George stumbled in. "Forgot your er, essay, Melanie,"he mumbled, walking over to Melanie, and dropping the essay on her desk.

He whispered to her, "It's good, Mel, I bet you'll get an A!" Melanie blushed and pushed George away a bit. George wasn't good at whispering.

"What was that, Mr. Michaels?"asked Mr. Todd, raising his eyebrows.

"Oh,"George muttered. "I just um, read through my sister's essay, and thought it was pretty good. Just to let you know, I think it deserves an A+."

"Sure it was,"Bella, a class popular, and one of Melanie's so called "friends" grinned.

"Bella, mind your tongue. Melanie here is a straight A student, you however, are quite the opposite,"snapped Mr. Todd. It was Bella's turn to blush.

"I don't think being smarts a bad thing,"George said, as he slipped out the door. Oh, but it is, George, Melanie thought to herself, more than you'll ever know. The populars are gonna kill me.

"You'll have your essays back by next week,"Mr. Todd announced a while later. "Hopefully you'll be able to manage a D this time round, Bella. Now, there's the bell for lunch."

Melanie left the classroom and headed for the cafeteria. Though, Bella, Amanda, and the rest of their group stopped her as she sat down to take her seat at the center table.

"What?"asked Melanie, a bit taken aback.

"You know what,"Amanda snarled. "You lied to us about your grades, and embarrassed Bella."

"I didn't embarrass Bella!"cried Melanie.

"Well what about your grades then?"Bella shot back.

"Er, well, about that, I've um, gotta, y'know what? I think I'll treat you all to lunch, how about that?"

There was a murmur of agreement amongst the small group of girls. "No, you can't fool us,"said Bella. "We may not be stupid "straight A students", but we've got brains, too!"

"I highly doubt that,"said a voice, coming from behind Melanie.

"Oh, look, it's a nerd,"Amanda smiled. "Why don't you go sit with him, nerd? It'll do you some good to be around your own kind for once."

"Maybe I will sit with him,"Melanie replied, looking over at the boy behind her.He was tall enough, skinny, had light brown hair, blue eyes and he also wore glasses.

The populars gasped. Melanie Michaels, class clown, sitting with one of the school nobodies!

"You have fun, then, Mel,"Bella grinned sweetly, showing of her perfect, white teeth.

"I'm sure I will, Bella,"Melanie murmured, as she followed the boy over to his table. Better known as the nerd table, Melanie thought to herself.

"I'm Brendan, president of the Computer and Robo-Club, and member of the Mathletes,"Brendan said, smiling.

"I'm Melanie, er, I don't really have a title, but I am on the swim team,"Melanie replied. "Thanks for backing me up back there."

"That's fine, Melanie. And I already knew who you were, no need to introduce yourself,"Brendan said. "Oh, and you must be wondering who this bunch are,"he added, pointing to the rest of the people at the table.

"Oh, yes,"said Melanie, looking around the table.

"This is Mike, a freshman,"he said, pointing to a guy who was already taller than him, had longish dark brown hair, brown eyes, glasses, and was wearing headphones.

He raised his hand, looking up from a small robot and smiled, "That's me alright, Mike Lee."

"Well, I uh, think you know who I am already, Mike,"said Melanie.

"This is Robert, Melanie,"Brendan said, gesturing towards a short, freckly, ginger, he was playing a board game with a couple of other people, and surprise surprise, he was wearing glasses.

"Don't interrupt, Brendan!,"Robert hissed, "we're about to steal the lost amulet of Geldon!"

"Sorry, Rob!,"Brendan grinned, raising his hands in a gesture of surrender. The rest of lunch was pretty fun for Melanie, actually.

Brendan introduced Melanie to all his friends, and after that they talked for ages. And guess what? Melanie had much more fun with the "nerds", than she ever had with the populars.

-Sorry, if it was too long, I got sort of carried away.

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