How Quibblo Began

For the Writing Competition. I know I won't win, but lots of people are doing it.

Chapter 1

Chapter One.

George Michaels pulled out his laptop and sat on the huge red armchair near the fireplace. Now, he thought, time to get my polls and quizzes on!

George was a quiet boy, always keeping to himself, and not letting many people get close to him, therefore, he didn't have many friends.

But on the computer that was a different matter altogether. He wanted people to know his opinions. To have his say. He wasn't old enough to vote yet, only 15. And he'd also like to get to know himself better and test his knowledge, through quizzes. So that was what he did.

Quizzes and polls were George Michaels' thing. And they always would be. Although sometimes George got bored. There weren't many good sites for quizzes or polls, so he was running out of them.

Just as George was taking a quiz on Harry Potter, his 16 year old sister Melanie walked into the room.

Melanie wasn't a very quiet person, rather loud, actually. She was quite funny and popular, too. Though there was a quiet, intelligent, creative side to Melanie, which most of her friends didn't know about.

Melanie liked to write stories, and poetry. But she'd never tell anyone at school about that. They'd think of her as a nerd. The reputation she had built would crumble. She couldn't afford to lose that.

So Melanie let out her emotions through poetry, on sites none of the people at school went on. And she would write fanfiction, fiction, and stories about teens going through everyday life. Melanie wrote everything.

Melanie felt there was something more to writing, though. And that it should be a team effort. But of course, no one knew about that.

"George, can I use your laptop for a bit?"she asked, tapping the laptop. "Mine's gone a bit wonky."

"What do you need it for?"asked George, flicking down the screen and looking up at her.

"Er, well...homework assignment. Very important. Gotta have it in by Wednesday."

"Let me just um, finish this,"George replied, putting the screen back in place and heading for the next question.

"What are you doing, anyway?"asked Melanie, leaning over his shoulder.

"N-nothing,"George stammered quickly, before exiting the quiz, and handing the laptop to his sister. "Laptops ready. You can have it now." And with that, he sprinted out from the room.

"Weirdo...,"Melanie muttered, as she opened a new tab, going to look for another one of her story-writing sites.

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