Hey, Hun

Chapter 1


Hey, Love
Its Jhonny!
You know me, rights?
I bet you do, love.
I think i'm gonna go over to your house right now.
I cut again.
I took out the lighter again.
Wanna light the d^ug together?
I bet you do.
I'll sell you all you want my, dear
I need to see you.
Im not ok.
I need your voice.
I need your hugs.
Cause no one will offer them, but u.
Your my best friend.
My parents don't care
The rest of my family doesn't either.
But you do.
You tell me everyday that you miss me.
I miss you too.
Because i love you.
Your my best friend.
Ill be there for you.
You were there for me.
We got so high at times we would wake up in your parents room.
Not naked.
But laying.
Me on the floor
You on the bed.
I miss you
And its only been a day.
Can i come over?


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