The mini Mermaid, my parody of the little mermid jr.

I DON'T OWN ANYTHING! ALL RIGHTS GO TO DISNEY! It's like my joke on the little mermaid. If I get enough kids to help me out, I might post it on youtube.

Chapter 1

The script, part 1

Parts needed to do a read through/actually do it.
2 eels
Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Adella, Allana
The script
Begin playing fathoms below and recording. Link:
(Eric and extra’s lip sync/dance)

ERIC: That voice was amazing Grimsby! I’d want to marry a girl with a voice like that!

GRISMBY: Please! There are plenty of lovely brides back on shore! Besides, there’s no such thing as merfolk!

ERIC: But none of them like going out to sea, or the lagoon, and mermaids are real!

Stops recording, Helps get boat stuff off. Then helps get ocean stuff in place. Mersisters act all confused and upset.

SEBASTIAN: Ariel! Where in the name of triton is that girl

ADELLA: What was she thinking? My career is over!

ANDRINA: It’s always her! Late, a no show, she gets my tail in a knot!

AQUATA: Let’s hope Daddy gets her in trouble!

(They storm off stage, Ariel swims by. Holding a fork and a pipe, Flounder follows)
ARIEL: Look Flounder, isn’t it beautiful?

FLOUNDER: It’s so cool! What is it?

ARIEL: I have no idea, let’s ask scuttle! I’m sure he’ll know!

FLOUNDER: Race ya! Hey no fair! (They swim off; Scuttle enters holding binoculars backwards, flapping other wing)

SCUTTLE: Ariel! Hey buddy! How ya doin’ kid? (Pulls down binoculars and jumps back.) Whoa, what a swim girl!

FLOUNDER: Can you tell us what this is?

SCUTTLE: Sure, it’s uh, um, a… Dingle-hopper!

ARIEL: A dingle-hopper! Wow! What does it do? Tech crew plays human stuff link:

ARIEL: (Slaps head and freaks out!) MUSIC! The concert! Oh my goodness I’m so much trouble, see ya Scuttle! Tech crew, stop recording, gets ocean ready.

SEBASTIAN: Ariel! Your father is beyond mad! He steamed! I’m telling you, the water above his head bubbled! You ought to be ashamed! Your sisters are in tears, and the whole merfolk population was let down! What were you thinking, actually where were you? Did you go up to the surface again, and talk to that insane bird? ARIEL! Answer me! (Ariel still stands there day dreaming, twirling hair. Flounder puts their hand on their head and shakes it)

FLOUNDER: Trust me, you don’t want to know. (Swims off, and covers ears.)

ARIEL: Huh? Oh sorry, I found a dingle-hopper! Except I didn’t know it was a dingle-hopper. So I asked scuttle and he said it made hair look pretty!

SEBASTIAN: Look, your Dad is making me watch over you like some royal guard. We’re both too old for this. Now, (Turns around) where’d you go? Ariel? Not again! Sets up Ursula’s liar, they enter.

URSULA: Poor sweet child, just so curious! Relying on a bird for answers! I think we found our next victim!

EEL 1: Would you like us to do the honors?

EEL 2: We could convince her to ask you for “assistance” *Stops recording. Takes off Ursula’s set, and prepares Ariel's trove.
Stops recording, gets out props for part of your world. Ariel takes seat and begins singing. Link:

More to come later!

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