An Alternative To Deleting Your Quibblo Account

Chapter 1


How many of you have seen this before?

"Okay guys, I'm deleting my account cause I'm super busy and I won't be able to log on and stuff okay so I might make another account someday bye now miss you!"

This is all fine, but if all you want is to take a break from Quibblo, does not mean you need to delete your account. Just don't log on.

Wait. I know what you're going to say, I would say it to. "But Quibblo's so addicting, I can't help it!" Yes, I know. I've tried it. So just recently, I had an idea..

My one of my best friends on here, Jade, she had an account before. But she kept on getting spammed and hated on (God knows why, she's amazing) and so eventually what she did was this: She didn't want to delete her account, so she went to 'change password' and typed in random letters without looking. Then she copy-pasted it and did 'confirm password.'

This gave me the idea that you could do what Jade did, and then instead of deleting and making a new account half a year later, you can just click 'forgot password?' and reset it.

As for the "flooded inbox" worry, there's an orange button in 'edit profile' which you can use to set your messages to come in once a week, once a day, or even never. So that fixes that problem.

So yeah, I'm hoping people will try this instead of saying "I'm deleting" and causing all the drama that everyone is sick of. Well, I know I am. I think a lot of you agree.

~ Sarah ♪♫


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