I Don't Wanna Be Alone (Save Me Juliet)

This is for AwesomeOK1's tournament. I hope you like it!
Topic: Romance
I based the plot on a song, Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliché by Escape The Fate.

As some of you may know, Romeo and Juliet is one of my many mini-obsessions, I've written stuff like this so many times. I have a section in my writing binder full of it. Anyways, the tournament has been over for ages, I'm guessing this is close to a year old, but I like it. (Edit: 14/11/13)

Chapter 1

Blood On My Hands

Juliet was my first love. Her hair was the color of a raven's feathers and her eyes were the same shade of grey as the ocean on a stormy day. She looked like Snow White, I always used to say. But she's in a coffin, just like her namesake from Shakespeare's play. All because of me.

I see it every time I close my eyes.

How does feel when tears freeze, when you cry?


It was the first party of the summer. The sun was starting to shine and the flowers were growing to Goliath proportions. Sunset was around nine. Everything was beautiful.

This was actually her birthday party. Juliet died on her seventeenth birthday. We'd planned a special joke, Russian Roulette with a gun loaded only with blanks. Just to be safe, we were going to be sure to only point the gun at the other person's foot.

To Present

Her funeral had the same upscale, beautiful look as everything in her life. The looks I was getting were anything but. At one point, her brother told me that the "blood in my veins was twenty below". I agreed with the sentiment. In a way, I was dead with her.

Do it, the voices said, join her.

No! I argued.


Juliet's party went really well and we all had a good time. An hour in, she decided it would be a good time to start our game. We went into the fourth floor living room (there were actually three living rooms. Juliet's dad was heir to some important company). Juliet sat on the windowsill, the open window behind her causing the wind to play with her hair, blowing strands into her face. After a couple rounds, I got cocky. The worst injury that had been sustained was a bruise. I pointed the gun directly at Juliet's chest. When I pulled the trigger, the impact made her lose her balance on the windowsill. She slid back, one last desperate grab on the sill, fingers slipping. I ran toward my love, time slowing down around me. Suddenly all was clear. Tick, tock, goes the clock when the time is about to run out. Tick, tock, goes the clock even to those you love. In the last second, she fell. She almost looked like a fallen angel being cast from heaven, red dress contrasting with pale skin and dark hair, perfect look of shock in her face. Her hand reached towards mine, and for a second I had her. There was a touch and a miss.


After the ceremony, I left alone. I walked the three blocks to the bridge and jumped.


Juliet didn't die of a gunshot. She died because I left the window open, because I got cocky. I killed Juliet. This blood on my hands is something I cannot forget.


As the light faded. I saw Juliet, still wearing her party dress.

I don't blame you, she said. Join me.

I've never left her.

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