Love Like Whoa (Supernatural FanFic)

Dean Winchester Fanfic, Sam Winchester will come soon! :)

Chapter 1


by: Emmyyy
Several years previous, I would have never imagined a girl like me hitch hiking across Atlanta, Georgia waiting for a washed up drunk to pick me up. My skirt was tattered and torn, and my jacket was fading thin, as was I. I could barely stand as I walked the abandoned, cracked road. Trees surrounding each side, creaking as they swayed back and forth. I felt like I was being watched. My head turned frantically as I searched for the noises. My light shimmery blue eyes wide in terror. I walked quickly, hoping to outrun whatever the thing, that I thought, was chasing me.

Snap. Something in the woods had made a quick footstep and had begun to rustle the leaves. The thing was walking out, flailing it's arms.

"God damn you Sam! You can't keep quite to save the life of you." A low voice said angrily. The moonlight lit up their faces, both attractive and both had very chiseled faces, one more so than the other. They quickly approached, I stared. I was so happy that they weren't some monster trying to attack. I had seen things in my day, but never this. I don't know what came over me but I stopped and watched them come closer. I had not seen any cars near, so maybe they were hitchhiking like me.

"Ugh, who are you?" The shorter one who yelled at his brother said rudely.

"Dean." Sam warned. I smiled uncomfortably and rubbed my arm. Both were looking at me for answers.

"I'm Natalie." I caved and forfeited my name.

"So Natalie, why are you out here so late at night?" Sam questioned sweetly. There was no easy way to tell two men that I just met that I was a hitchhiker running from something that everyone said was crazy.

"I'm hitchhiking." I said, not telling the whole truth to the story. They didn't need to know. Not this anyway.

"Do you need a ride?" Sam asking pointing back to a black sleek car. I looked at him, and back to Dean who looked rather disgusted of the idea. Looking behind me and searching the dark endless night I nodded my head, anything to get away from it. He smiled his dimples piercing through his cheeks and walked away, Dean followed behind looking a bit aggravated.

"Sam, I'm driving. You're in back." He growled as he reached the car.

"Dean." Sam reasoned. I looked to Sam and seen his smile widen.

"I'll sit in back." I said opening the door and rolling my tired eyes. Before I ducked my head and got into the car I seen Sam smirk at his brother and fall into the front passenger seat.

"Wake me up when it's my turn to drive brother." Sam said, his brown eyes fading into the blackness. Dean turned on the car and stomped on the gas, lurching us forward into a smooth drive. I didn't know what to expect, but for now I knew I was safe from whatever was after me. Maybe I was crazy, but I swear something wanted me dead.

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