Like you care.....

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Blood covers the wrists you once kissed,
that was such sweet bliss.
The thoughts of you sneek into my mind,
your twisted evil face makes me want to go blind.
I trusted you, you were my protector.
Now I feel like a fool for not seeing you were a selector.

I hear your whispers in my ear,
you make me shake with disgrace and fear.
Your moans filled with nasty pleasure,
plays over again and again in my head.
Oh how I wished I could of left that bed.

You won't know the tears I shed
or the blood that was spilt.
Getting pleasure from your own daughters naked body on a screen,
you should be killed.
The pain runs deep as I run from the past,
the pills...they never last..

I grimace in pain,
when I hear your name.
The words you spit at me almost everyday
("worthless biitch","stupid idiot","Quinn! You'll go no where in life!")
sinks deeper into my soul.

You left me broken and bleeding dad...
I'm gone.


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