Reasons Why

Chapter 1

25 Reasons Why I'm Not Perfect

1. I'm really skinny for my age (89 pounds)

2. I'm short

3. I get depressed and lonely when I'm alone

4. I hold writing utensils weirdly

5. I concentrate to hard when I dance

6. I don't study for tests/quizzes

7. I think about the past (WAY too much)

8. I'm annoying

9. I complain

10. I tend to cling to people

11. I can be a loner sometimes

12. I'm not that fond of short shorts

13. I'm not very confident

14. I get stage fright BEFORE I'm on stage

15. I can be clumsy

16. I get angry/annoyed easily

17. I can cause arguments

18. I can be lazy

19. I have a dirty mind (sometimes)

20. I don't wear make-up

21. I have a tendency to eat a lot

22. I'm a robot (I usually can't cry that often)

23. I can be REALLY immature/childish

24. I slouch (Who doesn't?)

25. I sing at random times


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