A slam poem I will perform for my class

Chapter 1

Talk About

There is this thing, you know?

Maybe you have heard of it, but it's called individualism.

It's what makes us who we are, what we were and how we learn.

And I am a talkative drama queen with the need to have the last say in any argument.

You might not find my constant chatter about the stupidest things entertaining, but if you listen closely, you might hear something worth your time.

I pledge allegiance to be somebody real,

I'm just gonna put it out here on how I feel.

If you wanted a quieter person, someone with a longer attention span for things other than fandoms and lunch menus, then you shouldn't have come to me.

I admit it, I will talk about who's dating who and when they got suspended and...well, what really did happen in the closet.
To speak or not to speak, the wise words of a genius which I will always and forever hold....and ignore.
The legendary hallway, the forsaken bathroom with mirrors full of primping bimbos and cough others, laughing airily at the sight of someone who actually allows a bit of her face to be clean of caked on foundation and sparkly eye liner and the worst motor mouth.

See, I will talk and talk, asking about them and wondering about him and arguing about red rimmed glasses and colored pencil brands, Percy Jackson characters and those yolo hating, hash tag lovin' hipster instagramers with their oh so fancy iPhone 5 editing apps.

I'm talking about poems and art and till deaths do us parts...the part in the movie when he dies so she could live.

I'm talking and talking, circles with words and loops and knots with thoughts, lost, forgot and stumbled upon ideas of the past three novels trashed.

And you want me to take my light and fit it in your box right, conform my personality to match your own?

I can't stay in the lines carefully chalked out by society and skip out of the hungry grasp of the majority, do you think one person can change my mind so easily?

Maybe it's true, I talk too much and need to take a breathe, but that's the beauty in it.

There are seven billion people in the world. I am different from everyone of them.

So I keep talking and talking, thinking what I feel and speaking what I think.

Playlists and phones, basketball games and breaking boundaries, singing my opinions out so anyone can hear and not caring what they have to say about it.

I will dance and scream and laugh and grin like the Mad Hatter, for words are more than just spoken sounds

I say what I am, there is no reason for me to be someone I'm not.

I love out loud and this is what makes me stand.

Society may have pressed and bled this sheep like bunch of American teenagers, but they will have a harder time getting me to stop talking about breaking free and being real and loud in between the conversation of the colors of the wind.

This might not be the soft, reserved person you hoped I'd be.

This might not be the follower friend you wished I'd turn into.

This may not be who you want, but this brings me to my happy ending in five, four, three, two,

I won.

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