This is about an upcoming youtube sensation named Elyar Fox, he recently got signed like a month ago and he is absolutely amazing :) And he's British ;D

Chapter 1

Day 1

Boredom overrides my whole day.
I go on the computer and search up YouTube.
I listen to cover's by some random people.
I always see this one guy, Elyar Fox, show up in the 'Similar Videos' side of the website and never bother checking him out.
"You need to look up Elyar Fox his voice is so angelic!!!!!!!" I get a text from my friend.
I look him up and the first cover I hear is his cover of Boyfriend by Justin Bieber.
He is amazing. His voice is so pure. He's so funny. He looks so cute. His accent is perfect. I'm hooked.
I get to his YouTube channel 'eldoode' and watch all 5 covers he has up.
Someone Like You by Adele ..... His voice killed me.
I kept watching them .. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen, Wide Awake by Katy Perry, PayPhone by Maroon 5. He's amazing I can't stop listening to him. I must have watched these 5 covers atleast 100 times in this one day.
His hair is so perfect. His eyes are beautiful, what is he doing to me?


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