A Poem For the Socially Awkward

Happy poetry month!

Chapter 1

Just For You People Like Me

This a poem for those who care,

about those of you with stereotypical braces and frizzy hair.
I understand what you're going through
as I have been called a "nerdy-freak" too.

Those jocks just don't seem to understand
why I find wizard rock to be so grand.

I get the funny looks thrown your way
when you wear that purple tutu to school every day.

People seem to clear a three-mile radius
whenever I start ranting on about Copernicus
(Seriously, man! Let a kid dream that they're the center of the universe for once.)
Meanwhile, my peers glance at me as if I'm some sort of social dunce.

I relate to your conversational woes.
Chats of mine sometimes end up in dream stories about monstrous toes
or plots to rule the classroom, whichever we prefer
whenever I give the old sleepover a stir.

Luckily there are many more of us
so that we have no need to feel outcast and alone.
And if we all traveled together
you know that we would all be on the fun bus
while the "normal" kids just stare at their feet.

Well, I think that would be pretty sweet.


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