A hard life for them all

Set in 1891. . Characters: Aline 12 year old sister of Marie
Charles is a thirteen year old brother
Oliver is a seventeen year old brother and eric a five year old brother the parents are: Mike and Julie or mrs and mr Hides and Codey is 19 an older brother Away fighting at war. marie : 16 year old, bullied and they all suffer extreme hardship
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Chapter 1

The introduction

It was late, the moonlight reflected on Marie's face as she turned down the blinds. It was a cold night in the midst of Febuary and the breeze had a icy nip to it. She froze as she heard her brother Oliver's bed creak, she jumped into bed and pretended to be sleeping, if Oliver found her awake he'd be sure to tell the mother, Julie. She heard a loud snore, that meant Oliver was asleep still. So she jumped out of bed again and carried on writing her long and discriptive letter to Codey her beloved brother. It was getting on for three in the morning, she sighed and folded the letter and slid it into a white envolope with the name Codey Hides written in handwriting and then a typed sinister address, to the army. As she slipped her slim body into bed, her curly fantastic brunette hair sweeping the pillow she blew the old candle out and snuggled down under the duvet and eiderdown. They were a poor family the hides, all of them were of a petite size, not starving nor nourished. So in the winter it was freezing cold and summer time boiling hot. This winter had been a cruel one, especially to the poorer families who lived on Crystemoore Block (many call it CB for short), CB was filled of poor families, the next door neighbours children all three of them had pneumonia. The Hides family were big so it was hard to feed them all a substantial amount but they generated enough energy to keep them from freezing over. Eric had a bad chest and was coughing badly. They tried to get the medicine but it was tuppence which was too expensive. So the best medicine little Eric got was bed rest and plenty of honey and lemon drink. The children did not go to school often for if they were not able to work least three days of the week they would not bring in enough money and die. So each child (except Oliver of course) went to school on Thursdays and Fridays. Which gave them poor promises for the future. Morning time finally rose and the bitter winter sun shined bright through the blinds of all the windows. Julie stepped in each door and said "Rise my dears, yet another day to tackle" but she always said it cheerfully enough. "Morning mother" mumbled the tired Marie. "come to breakfast in ten minutes and remember today is Sunday so dress respectable for chapel" said the hard working Julie. The clothes choice was limited. The girls had two dresses and a skirt and 2 shirts and and 2jumpers and a coat and one pair of old black worn out leather equivalents of "Doc Martins" the boys had a corduroy pair of trousers and a grey pair, braces and three shirts and a sweater and coat. Marie put on her dark navy dress with a velvet black bow and a red ribbon in her hair, she had no other shoes except her old boots which she put on lazily. She briskly swept downstairs. "Hurry we've but twenty five minutes to get to chapel! Now children thank god for the little we have and tuck in!" said Mike smiling. the doleful and ravernous faces of the children eagerly gulped down their small portions of gruel with a twist of sugar to make it edible. Then the family walked down the one mile to chapel. The service bored all of them, the preacher droning on and on about things even adults found hard to understand... Finally after what seemed hours the service ended, the adults and children went outside of the beautiful church into the rectory's garden where the chapel attenders were welcome to stand and chat for an hour. Julie stood under a old fruitless tree while Mike and a old man Tom Barnsley stood talking. Oliver and Charles decided to walk home before the others as to make sure the cow was fed, the Hides' most treasured possession because it gave them milk for butter and butter for cheese. "Marie! You look dreadful. Thank god I don't have to suffer a low life" said Saddie Wellis a local rich mans daughter, she was a spiteful and rude little spitfire of a girl who teased Marie most horribly. "Hello." said Marie trying to not make conversation. "You there! ERIC!" called Saddie as she pulled Eric by his shirt collar. "Owww!!"he wailed fighting Saddoe off. "He is a perfect example of your low life. Hair! Unwashed and running wild" she said pulling Eric's soft floppy brown hair. "face! Sad despondent unattractive eyes!"scratching the bottom of his eye "Look at the filth he wears! Discusting! Horrible thick knitted coat about ten times too big for him. Old tatty white shirt!horrid grey trousers! You vermin vile creatures!" Saddie yelled pulling at Eric's clothes hurting him. "Oh do stop it!!" Marie said defensively standing infront of Eric. "You're no better, all of your family are hideous filth! You no what they say, born in the gutter, ROT in the gutter!" and she swept away flicking her hair preciously. "I'm hungry." Eric mumbled trying to fight tears rolling down his pale thin face. He was a sweet earnest little boy, he had giant blue eyes and slightly curly but at the same time flat light brown hair and a chalk white face with a tired and sad look to it, with a button nose and sweet red lips he got lots of cooing. But he wanted food and a warm bed not praising.. "I know Eric. We all are". Aline said who had heard the statement. "Why... Hello, Hides" said a smooth and icy richman to Mike. "Mr. Regolle" mike replied nodding. "I see you managed to buy a cow, tell me, have you still got your.... House, if you call it that?" Mr Regolle said icily. "yes, we must be on our way. mr, pleasant to see you" Mike said akwardly. The family walked back home along the quiet road to their old creaky shed of a house. --Next chapter is going to be finished on Friday!! Read how Charles gets beaten at school ... Please comment critisize:)--


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