I know you are heartbroken but I can fix it

Hi everyone This is my first story. Please comment

Chapter 1

I always say no

I was going to school with my best friend Toby. It might be a little weird that my best friend is a boy . Actually all of my friends are girls just Toby is a boy. since jack cheated on me I didn't go out with any boy and I always say no to the boys who ask me out. Last year I dated jack I was really in love with him and he always told me that he loved me too. He made me believe in love and he also broke my heart in to million pieces. When I saw him kissing another girl I became really sad I went to my house as fast as I could and cried till night I cried until there was no tear left that day the only person who cheered me up was toby. He told me" Kate he doesn't deserve your tears. He should be the one crying now not u. He lost a girl like u and all he got is a biiatch.
Finally after 5 minutes we arrived at school. We started walking in the hall. Every one were looking at us. I asked Toby" why are the looking at us?"
He answerd with a smile" because a girl can't be friend with a boy without doing anything with him it is really strange for them."
Suddenly Marc appeared in front of us. " hi Kate you look really amazing as usuall." He said
" thank u Marc"I said and smiled.
" would u like to go out tonight maybe watch a movie?" He asked
" oh I'm so sorry but tonightI have something important to do" I said
" it's okay" he said and left
" why did u say no" Toby asked me with a confused look
" Marc is really a great guy but I am not ready for a relationship
Toby POV
I always liked Kate more than friend she was always with other boys and when she was alone she was really hurt that she couldn't start a new relationship. She always looked at me as a friend. I don't know how she would react if I tell her how I really feel. She always talked to me about her boyfriends and I always just listend and I know that she really loved jack. The bell rang.
" do you like to go out for lunch" I asked her while knowing the answer.
" okay I will meet u here" she said and left
Maybe I could finally tell her how I really feel!

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