Your Own Style (1D)

Hi everyone me and my cousin- are writing this story. It's my first one so sorry if my part is rubbish. I'm new at this anyway hope you like it and this is for all the Directioners out there.

Chapter 1

Living Far Away

Jessica and Cherry had been friends for as long as they could remember. There mothers had known each other before they were even born. Jessica was from Edinburgh, Scotland and Cherry was from Doncaster, England. They only saw each other once or twice a year but every time they did they made memories to last a lifetime.
Jessica (POV)

Oh how I missed the sun on my face the brightness of it streaming through my window in the morning. In Scotland the weather is nice 25% of the time the rest of the time it's either raining, snowing, cloudy or stormy. I missed being in England where the weather was much warmer than here. I hadn't seen Cherry in more than a year, I always wondered how she was. The last time we were together she told me about some really nice guys who she knew called Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Harry. She said they were very good looking, even she drooled over them. I would love to meet them! The next time I was in Doncaster she promised she would introduce me to them. She had said that Liam and I would probably make a good couple.

I laughed as if someone like him would go out with a girl like me. I'd seen his pictures on Facebook and he was gorgeous!
It was the middle of Spring in Scotland and it had been snowing recently. In Spring! In March! I couldn't wait till I was older so then I could move to somewhere much warmer and hotter! I looked over at my clock it was just after midnight and I was so energized that I could run a marathon, not that I wanted to. I figured that closing my eyes might help me sleep. It didn't. Oh well it was the Easter holidays so it didn't matter if I slept or not. Just thinking about being in Doncaster would make me want to go back and see Cherry. Cherry was very beautiful she had chocolate brown hair and deep brown eyes. She had olive skin and could be a model. She was very modest she had never liked the way she looked even though she was so pretty. I envied her so much she had the best looks and personality, I'd do anything to look and be like Cherry. She was very lively and had a massive obsession with cherries which made sense with her name being the same. As far as I knew Cherry was doing well at school she was so smart she could pass any subject without even having to work that hard. I loved her so much she was like a sister to me! She was my best friend even if we lived 100's of miles apart. I started to feel tired so I closed my eyes and was out like a light.
The next morning I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on my door.

"Come in" I said still half asleep.

"Hi darling, it's time to get up, can you get dressed and come down stairs please" my mum said softly.

It was Thursday morning of the Easter Holidays I hadn't had anything planned but maybe my mum wanted to go out. I dragged myself out of bed and showered. I dried my hair and then straightened it then got changed into my Hollister jeans and MTV crop top. It was a nice day for once which surprised me when I opened my curtains. I had a feeling today was going to be a good day. I walked down the stairs into the kitchen to find my mum sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast.

"Oh hi Jess, sorry to wake you up so early but I thought that you might want to go see Cherry in Doncaster and stay with them for a week" my mum said.

Did I hear her right was I imagining what she just said.

"Are you serious?, YES!, When do we go?, what time?, how long for?" I screamed with excitement.

"Well we leave in 2 hours and we're staying for a week so make sure you are ready and have enough clothes, oh and don't tell Cherry it's a surprise" she said.

I couldn't believe it I would be seeing Cherry, I was so excited. I had breakfast and then ran up to my room to pack. I packed all my favorite clothes and made sure I had my makeup and toiletries. I hoped she would be happy to see me.

"Jess, Jess, Are you ready to go, If we leave now we will get there for midday" she said

"Ok mum, I'm ready we can leave now" I said loudly.

I grabbed my phone, iPod and camera and went down the stairs with my suitcase. I went out of the door and put my case in the boot of the car and sat in the passengers seat next to my mum. We left the street and before I knew it we were nearly there. We pulled up outside Cherry's house. We got out of the car and knocked the door. Cherry's mum answered the door and gave my mum and me a hug before helping us with our bags.

"Ok so Cherry doesn't know your coming and she has her own car so she will be back soon so you could meet her at school she finishes in an hour. She will probably take Liam and Louis her friends home first but there's room in her car." Linda said (A/N CHERRY'S MUM)

I couldn't believe I was so excited, I would be seeing my best friend and meet Liam for the first time. Ahhhhh! I was so excited! Linda dropped me at Cherry's school and I stood beside the gates where she would walk out of. The bell rang and I was getting more and more excited as students walked though the gates to go home for the holidays. Just as I looked behind me Cherry started walking towards the gate where I was standing. I looked at her, then she caught my eye and started screaming and running towards me. She ran and gave me a hug which I embraced. I had missed her so much. There were two boys walking just behind her. One I recognized as being Liam. They stood next to Cherry and I and just stared at us. It was weird seeing her after a year she look so different. More grown up but she was still very beautiful.

"Jess! What are you doing here, I thought you were in Edinburgh" Cherry said loudly

"My mum told me this morning that we were coming to Doncaster to surprise you. I'm here for a week" I said.

"Ahhh! That's so amazing!" Cherry said

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your friends" I said pointing towards Liam and the other guy.

"Oh yeh sorry, this is Liam and Louis, Liam- Louis this my best friend Jessica, she lives in Scotland" she said.

"Yeh that would explain the lovely Scottish accent" said Louis.

"Thanks" I said.

"OK we should probably head home" Said Cherry.

"Yeh we should, are Louis and Liam coming with us?" I asked Cherry.

"Yup I drop them home everyday because I'm so amazing, right Louis" She turned to Louis

"Well duh!" he said.

We all headed towards Cherry's Land Rover and I sat in the back next to Liam while Cherry and Louis sat in the front. Cherry started the car and we left the school.

"So we're all hitting the beach tonight for a party, Do you want to come?" Liam asked me.

"Yeh I'd love too, if you guys are OK with that?" I said looking at Cherry and Louis.

"Yes! This is gonna be so much fun, Liam can you pick me and Jess up?" Cherry asked.

"Yeh is 7 alright?" He asked.

Me and Cherry both nodded. Cherry drove up to a gate and put a code in, I guessed we were near one of the boys houses. The gates opened for us and Cherry drove through and we drove until we got to this huge mansion where both Liam and Louis got out.

"They both live there together" said Cherry with excitement.

I nodded and smiled. We waved at them and they thanked Cherry for the lift. Cherry turned the car and we headed back to her house which was almost as big as Liam and Louis' house. Once we arrived at Cherry's house we went up to her room and started getting ready for the party at the beach.

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