Soul Eater Story: Death the Kid Love Story Book 1!

Here is a fan fic completely original story I made of soul eater and my favorite character Death the Kid. Please Comment and enjoy, add it your favorites list, give it votes and tell your friends to read it especially the ones who are fans of Soul Eater Anime or Manga version! I"m going to at least post another chapter or two each week, maybe more If I have the time!

Chapter 4

Day 2 Continued: What was going on with everyone else while Jasmine was with Kid.

In Cafeteria:

Blackstar: Yahoo! I beat you all here! Just more proof that I shall surely surpass God!
Soul: Oh, please, you only beat us cause you had a huge head start.
Blackstar: No One cares lets get us some tacos before they are all gone!
Maka: Hey where's Jasmine.
Dalton: I think she's still with Kid, we kind of left him passed out on the floor, she's probably trying to wake him up.
Tsubaki: Yeah, that was kind of a bit rude, do you guys think we should go back and get them.
Soul: Na, I'm sure they are coming, I say lets get some Tacos I am starving!
Maka: You are always hungry Soul, all you think about is food!
Soul:I don't only think about food!
Maka: Yeah, whatever, lets get in line in line.

At the table:

Maka: Man, Kid and Jasmine aren't here yet what's taking them so long?
Liz: Who knows, when Kid passes out he can sometimes be out for hours, she's just probably still trying to wake him up.
Crona and Dalton: Maybe we should bring them some tacos!
Maka: That would be a good idea, if there were any left.
Patti: Taco Death Bell??
Everyone: We got no money on us.
Patti: Oh. What do we do now, class is out for the rest of the day.
Liz: I don't know. I'm bored. We can go back to our house and hang out.
Maka: Won't Kid throw a fit if we make a mess.
Liz: Yeah, but we won't make a mess then. And if we do, then Kid just throws another fit and cleans the whole house again. It's not the first time we've done this before, and it won't be last.
Soul: Alright Party at the Gallows!
Blackstar: YAHOO!

At Kid, Liz's, and Patti's House,

Patti: What to do? I bored.
Liz: I don't know.
Soul: How about truth or dare?
Maka: Sounds fun!
Patti and Liz: Us 2!
Blackstar: Your God will join!
Tsubaki: If Blackstar's in, then I'm in!
Dalton: Umm, I guess.
Crona: I don't know how to deal with truth or dare.
Ragnarok: I'm playing and so is the wimp! Now get me some food!
(Patti tosses Ragnarok a bag of chips)
Ragnarok: Let's Play!
Liz: Who's first?
Blackstar: Your God will got first! Soul Truth or Dare!
Soul: Dare Me!
Blackstar: I dare you to go into Kid's room and reorganize it!
Soul: Ok. (heads up to Kid's room and comes back a couple minutes later)
Patti: OOH Kid-kun is going to be so mad! LOL!
Liz: Ok, Soul your turn to ask someone!
Soul: OK, Maka Truth or Dare?
Maka: Truth.
Soul: Aww your no fun. Ok. What is your favorite book?
Maka: Easy, The Princess Bride. Ok Um Crona, Truth or dare?
Crona: I think I might try a dare. (Everyone looks at Crona with a weird look) What, I'm trying to do something different!
Maka: Ok. Crona I dare you to to run around the outside of the house 10 times while singing Call me Maybe!
Crona: Ok! (Crona gets up and heads outside from outside you can hear Crona singing Hey I just met you and this is crazy but here's my umber, so call me maybe" 10 minutes later Crona walks in panting and hunched over out of breath) Ok, huh huh Blackstar Truth or Dare?
Blackstar: Dare of Course!
Crona: I dare you to strip down to nothing but your underwear for the erst of the time you are here!
Soul: Oh, I was not expecting that from Crona!
Blackstar: I'll do it. (strips down into his underwear)
Maka: Giggles, really Blackstar your wearing My little pony boxers!?!!?!?!?!?
(Dalton giggling)
Blackstar: I lost a bet against Tsubaki ok!!!!
Soul: What was the bet?
Tsubaki: That he couldn't go a couple minutes without talking.
Soul: You know Blackstar would stuck at that. So why bet against him?
Tsubaki: Cause I knew I would win! :)
Blackstar: Ok, Patti Truth or Dare!
Patti: DARE! He He He!
Blackstar: I dare you to pants Soul!
Patti: OK!
Soul: NO!
(Patti grabs Soul and rips off his pants revealing his white tightie-whities!)
Maka: You wear briefs! LOL (Everyone laughs)
Soul: So Uncool (takes his jacket off to cover his legs)
Patti: Ok, Dalton Truth or Dare.
Dalton: Truth
Patti: Who does Jasmine like?
Dalton: Alright, but don't tell him, but it's Kid.
Patti: I knew it.
Dalton: If you knew it then why did you ask me?
Soul: You know for someone who is supposedly a genius you can be pretty clueless. (Dalton glares at Soul)
Dalton: At least I don't wear tightie-whities.
Blackstar: HA HA you just got burned!
Dalton: Says the boy with my little pony boxers (The Girls giggle at that)
Blackstar: I told you I'm only wearing them because I lost a bet!
Dalton: Yeah Whatever. Liz, you haven't gone yet Truth or Dare.
Liz: I'm up for some excitement Dare me!
Dalton: I dare you to go find Jasmine and Kid, and spy on them! If it's really interesting take pictures!
Liz: This is going to be fun. (Grabs camera and heads out the door)
(Walks back in 15 minutes later) Check out what I saw. ( Shows them the picture she took of Kid and Jasmine asleep next to each other in each other's arm in the classroom)
Dalton: No wonder why t they haven't shown up. They better not have done anything to bad or I'll kill Kid
Liz: Don't worry, Kid's not like that, and since if they had done anything, it wouldn't have been in public, and they wouldn't still have their clothes on (smirks) Ok let's see, Ragnarok Truth or Dare!
Ragnarok: Dare! I ain't no Wimp
Liz: I dare you to be nice to Crona for an entire week!
Ragnarok: Oh, your no fun! But fine I'll do it. I'll be nice to her for a week! But after that all bets are off.
Liz: Fine.
Ragnarok: Tsubaki! Truth or Dare!
Tsubaki: Truth.
Ragnarok: Why the Heck you choose Blackstar as a Partner?
Dalton: Yeah, I want to know that too!
Maka: Yeah, why did you?
Tsubaki: Because, he seemed different from the other kids, he was funny and not afraid to be himself, plus If I didn't pick him I don't know who would, plus I think I'm the only person who can somewhat control his crazy personality and ego. Plus he's a great friend! He likes my cooking!
Blackstar: Yeah, Her food is Awesome!
Maka: Go figure.
Tsubaki: Ok, Um Maka, Truth or Dare?
Maka: I think I'll go for dare this time!
Tsubaki: I dare you to kiss Soul!
Maka and Soul: WHAT!
Tsubaki: You heard me Maka, kiss soul!
Maka: Fine. (Kisses Soul on the cheek)
Soul: So Uncool, Tsubaki.
Maka: Dalton! Truth or Dare!
Dalton: Truth
Maka: Who do you like?
Dalton: Um Um (blushes) do I have to tell?
Maka: YES!
Dalton: Ok, I l-like C-Crona.
(Crona Blushes)
Crona: Really?
Dalton: Yeah.
Crona: I like you too. (Dalton smiles)
Dalton: You wanna go out tommorow?
Crona: Sure.
Dalton: Ok, I'll meet you out side of the school tommorow.
Crona: Ok.
Patti: I'm Bored!
Liz: Yeah. I am bored too.I think we should call it a night.
Maka: Yeah, Lets head home Soul, I make you Dinner.
Soul: Alright (puts his ripped pants back on, and yes he was in his underwear the whole time)
Blackstar: Well I'm going too! (starts to head out the door)
Tsubaki: Blackstar! Your still in your Underwear!
Blackstar: Oh yeah! (puts his clothes back on) Ok lets go too Tsubaki.
Crona: Me and Ragnarok are leaving. See you tommorow Dalton.
Dalton: Bye, Crona See you tommorow. I'm going to go check on Jasmine and Kid.( walks out of door and starts heading towards the school)

At the school;

(Dalton walks into the Crescent moon classroom and sees Jasmine and Kid at the bottom of sitting by Stein's desk, Kid had fell asleep on Jasmine's shoulder and Jasmines arms were wrapped around Kid.Dalton shakes Jasmine)
Dalton: Jasmine wake up, it's 9 pm, wake up!
(Jasmine wakes up but Kid is still asleep)
Jasmine: Hey, Be quiet Kid is still asleep.
Dalton: Jasmine, it's 9 pm!
Jasmine: Oh ok, I'll wake up Kid, so that he can go home.
Dalton: What were you guys doing?
Jasmine: We were talking, I accidently brought up a subject that made Kid upset and he starting crying, I comforted him. Then he fell asleep on me. I didn't want to wake him up so I stayed put and must have fell asleep.
Dalton: What was the subject that upsetted Kid?
Jasmine: His Mom. She died when he was little. He been feeling a lot of guilt because he wished he could have saved her.
Dalton: Oh. That kinda sucks.
Jasmine:Yeah. Hey Kid (nugs Kid) wake up.
Kid: (groans) Uh, hey Jasmine. What time is it?
Jasmine: 9 pm.
Kid: Are you serious? Uh, I guess I should go home then, I'm hungry. I'll see you tommorow Jasmine. Ok (gets up and starts heading towards the door, but turns around before heading out.) Thanks for earlier, I needed that.
Jasmine: Your welcome anytime. See you tommorow Kid-kun!
Kid:You two. Bye. (walks out door)
(Dalton helps Jasmine up)
Dalton: Come on Sis, lets go home, I'm hungry.
Jasmine: Yeah, I'm hungry too! How about some Soba noodles when we get home?
Dalton: sounds awesome! (they head out the door and head home.

Hope you guys enjoyed it, I will be posting the next chapter soon , please rate it, comment, and add it too your favorites, and tell your friends about it, especially people who are Death the Kid fans, Soul Eater Fans, or people who love Anime, Mange, or fanfics.

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