Soul Eater Story: Death the Kid Love Story Book 1!

Here is a fan fic completely original story I made of soul eater and my favorite character Death the Kid. Please Comment and enjoy, add it your favorites list, give it votes and tell your friends to read it especially the ones who are fans of Soul Eater Anime or Manga version! I"m going to at least post another chapter or two each week, maybe more If I have the time!

Chapter 3

2nd Day at school: Man and I thought the first day was awkward!?!?!?!?!? Plus Dalton the Genius and the Portable Teleporter. Kid and Jasmine alone! Yet's see what happens! and much more!

At Jasmine's and Dalton's apartment the next morning:

Jasmine: So what did you think of our new classmates?
Dalton: They're ok, they seem a bit crazy though. Did noticed whether Crona was a guy or girl? I couldn't tell, and I was sitting next to next to Crona all day throughout class yesterday.
Jasmine: Crona's a girl, Wait why you asking, do you like Crona???????
Dalton: (Looks down blushes) No.
Jasmine: You do I can tell! Dalton and Crona sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
Dalton: SHUT UP! You don't know what your talking about! (gets up and runs off to his room embarrassed)
Jasmine: Dalton! Wait I'm sorry! There's nothing to be embarrassed about! (heads after him)
Dalton: (from inside bedroom with door closed) Go away!(heads is pressed against pillow in tears)
Jasmine: Dalton! We need to get to school! We don't want to be late!
Dalton: I don't want to go school today! Just leave me alone!
Jasmine: Dalton, there is nothing to be embarrassed about liking something someone!
Dalton: How would you know! You've never liked anyone before!
Jasmine: Yes I have! How about this, if you get out of bed right now and come to school with me I'll tell you who it is I like!
Dalton: ok, who???? (sounds muffled with his face muffled against the pillow)
Jasmine: (sighs) Kid.
(Door Opens)
Dalton: KID! You like that OCD nut-job??? Are you crazy??
Jasmine: Yes,now grab your stuff we got to get to school!
Dalton: Do I have to? I don't want to see Stein dissect the bird today, If I do I might throw up!
Jasmine: I don't care! And you promised that you were going today so grab your backpack and lets go!
Dalton: Fine! (go's in room and grabs back-pack off bed and heads back out) Let's go.

At school:
Jasmine: Hey where's Blackstar and Tsubaki? It's so quite around without them here!
Maka: They went on a mission this morning. If they don't get their first soul soon they will get expelled!
Jasmine: Really they haven't gotten their first soul yet, jeez I know Blackstar's a screw-up but I didn't know he was that big of a screw-up!
Soul: Tell me about it.
Jasmine: Why did Tsubaki pair with him anyways? She seems like she could get any meister partner she wanted to if she tried.
Kid: It's obvious Tsubaki has a major crush on Blackstar, he's just too Big of an Idiot to notice cause he's too self-absorbed in himself.
Jasmine: Yeah, I kinda noticed that. Why is he like that all the time?
Kid: Blackstar kinda obtained his family member's ego. You see several years ago the Star Clan was a known group of Mercenaries who would do anything for money. They eventual started going after human souls and were about to become Kishins. So a team of meisters and their weapons were sent to kill them off. But Blackstar was just a baby at the time, so instead of killing him, they took him back to DWMA. He's lived their most of his life, and was raised by Professor Sid.
Maka: Wow, I never knew that about Blackstar. It's amazing how he doesn't have any resentment towards DWMA for killing his family.
Jasmine: Yeah, Who's Sid.
Patti: He was our old teacher, but now he's a Zombie!
Dalton: Z-Zombie! D-Don't Z-Zombies eat B-brains???
Liz: He doesn't eat brains.
Patti: He eats people food like us? His skin's just really blue!
Dalton: O-o-ok. (goes back to writing in his notebook)
Patti: What's you writing???? (leans over towards Dalton)
Dalton: It a design, for a new device I'm building.
Soul: Cool
Crona: You build devices?
Dalton: Y-yeah (blushes)
Patti: What does it do?
Dalton: W-well when I actually get around to b-building it, It should be a portable molecular teleporter system.
Kid: Wait you can build that? Wouldn't sometime like that evolve magic?
Dalton: Nope. It's actually simple theoretical physics when you think about it. All you have to do is set the coordinates for where you want to go and the device will split you into particles and transfigure you back into one place in the location in your destination. Or I hope that's what It will do. I am still working out some kinks in the design.
Lix: Doesn't that seem a bit dangerous!
Maka: Would that hurt?
Dalton: I don't think so. If anything it might feel a bit ticklish, but then again I haven't quite built or tested it yet so I would have to wait till I'm actually able to build it.
Soul: How do you know all this stuff?
Jasmine: He's a genius! He has a IQ of almost 200! He's always been inventing stuff ever since we were little. When we were five he built a high pressure air cannon out of an old leaf blower, a fan, and some sparing tubing! It knocked over the tree in our back yard and smashed our swing set!
Everybody: What!
Maka: wow.
Soul: Cool.
Kid: Impressive.
Crona: Wow, your s-smart!
Patti: Does that mean your a mad scientist like Dr. Stein????????
Dalton: Scientist yes, Mad, uh No. I'm not mad, but I've always been into science. But I don't like dissecting stuff like that nut-job
Stein: Who you calling a nut-job? You little nerd.
Everybody! AAAAAHHHH! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN HERE! (Dalton and Crona faint)
Stein: I've been here the entire time. You guys really don't pay much attention.
Everybody: ok.
Stein: So he really built an high-pressure air cannon?
Jasmine: Yes. he also built a super computer when he was 6 out legos, plexi-glass, wires, and some old PC boards.
Stein: Interesting. Seems like we got ourselves a prodigal genius on our hands. Lets just hope that teleporter he's designing won't blow up Death City, we would have for that to happen.
Jasmine: Yeah, but it wouldn't be the first time he had something blow up on him. Last year, he was working on dad's lawn mower, and forgot that it was still on when filling it with gas, it flew so high that it got shot down over Florida a couple days later, and not only that but he lost his eyebrows in that one too! He had no eyebrows for the next 5 months! It was so funny!
(everyone laughs)
Jasmine: Hey, look, Dalton and Crona are still passed out.
Maka: Aww Crona passed out on top of Dalton. They look so cute!
Jasmine: Yeah, they do! You know, Dalton has a huge crush on Crona!
Maka: Really?!?!?!?!?!?
Jasmine: Yeah I kinda figured it out this morning, and he told me. But he's kinda embarassed about it! So don't mention it, or let him know I told you, he would be so mad!
Patti: OKIE!
Maka: Ok.
Soul: I hold no such promises.
Maka: Soul!
Soul: Kidding, I won't tell.
Kid: Me neither.
Liz: nor me.
Stein: Why I don't really care?
Soul: Seriously, Your still here?? Shouldn't you be teaching or something?
Stein: Right now is my free period and haven't nothing better to do. I think I'm going to go freak out Spirit again, it's always so funny to see him freak out.
Maka: Go right ahead, but don't dissect him, sure he's a complete womanizer and idiot, but he's still my dad, unfortuantly.
Stein: Fine, I won't dissect him, but that cuts out half of the fun. Later. ( rolls out door on his chair and tips over falling. Picks himself back up and keeps rolling)
(Crona wakes up and gets off of Dalton)
Crona: Uh is Stein gone, he creeps me out, I don't know how to deal with guys with screws in their heads!
Maka: Yeah, He just left to go find my dad and freak him.
(From down the hall everybody hears screaming"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Stein, What are you doing here, HELP ME MAKA!!! See him run down the hall screaming and running like a little girl.)
Soul and Kid: No offense Maka but your dad is a wimp!
Maka: I know it's so embarrassing.
(Patti starts poking Dalton in the face with a stick)
Patti: Is he dead?
Maka: Who, my dad? No I don't think so.
Patti: No I mean Dalton silly!
Jasmine: Nope, he's just passed out. He should wake up soon now that stein's gone. Or at least I think he will. You never know with him.
Kid: You two are complete opposites aren't you.
Jasmine: Yep, I'm trying to get him to be less shy, but he's really stubborn and prefers to stay in his shell.
Patti: Is Dalton a turtle?
Kid: It's just a metaphor Patti.
Patti: Oh, ok. (Continues poking Dalton in the face with the stick until he wakes up)
Dalton: Uh, Patti stop poking me in the face with a stick. Is the Mad Doctor gone?
Jasmine: Yes, he went to go terrorize the village your safe now.
Dalton: Good. Now what's for lunch I'm hungry!
Kid: Today's Taco Tuesday.
Patti, Dalton, Jasmine, Crona, and Ragnarok: YEAH TACOS! I LOVE TACOS!!
Crona: Oh, that's Ragnarok, he's my weapon, and he's also my blood. My blood is black.
Dalton: Extraordinary! What sort of technology is this, it seems even farther ahead of my comprehension!
Crona: Actually, It k-kinda has to do more with um Magic. M-M-My m-m-mother M-Medusa is a W-Witch. She drained my blood and replaced it with Ragnarok when I was just a baby. She tried to turn me into a Kishin, But I didn't want to be. Then I met M-Maka, and she told me about DWMA. So I left and enrolled here instead.
Dalton: Wow, I'm so sorry. Your mom sounds like the worst.
Crona: Yeah, she is, but then again we can't choose our parents.
Kid, Liz, Patty, Maka, and Soul: Tell me about it.
(Window Shatters and Blackstar jumps through with Tsubaki in Weapon form)
Blackstar: YAHOO!!!! Guess who just got their first soul!!!
(Dalton whispers in Jasmine's ear "Seriously, you like this guy!" Jasmine: (whispers back) shut up Dalton!)
(Kid still ranting on about the symmetry in the building)
Kid: NOT CARE ABOUT SYMMETRY (eye twitches, nose starts bleeding and he passes out (symmetrically of course))
Jasmine: All my gosh! Kid are you alright!
Liz: He'll be fine, this isn't the first time it's happened to him, and it won't be the last.
Blackstar: Is today TACO TUESDAY! I'll race you guys to lunch! (Runs off towards cafeteria)
Everybody: Wait UP! (Dalton, Liz, Patti, Soul, Maka, Crona, and Tsubaki run after Blackstar, leaving Jasmine alone with passed out Kid.)
Jasmine: Hey wait! Guys are you forgetting Kid. (Hears no reply.) Uh, too late they are already gone. (Hmm, Kid looks so cute when asleep, I don't get why he hates his stripes just because they aren't symmetrical, I like them, without them he would be boring. Man, Dalton's right, how in the Heck am I falling for a guy like kid, I must be crazy.)
Kid: Uh (wakes up, sees Jasmine) Where is everybody?
Jasmine: They went to the cafeteria to get tacos.
Kid: Oh. Why are you still here then?
Jasmine: I wasn't going to leave you alone passed out on the floor, Stein might come back and tried to dissect you!
Kid: Thanks, I would hate for that to happen. I don't get why my dad keeps him around in the first place.
Jasmine: Cause he's a powerful meister duh.
Kid: Yeah, but besides that. At times, it almost seems like my dad doesn't care about us kids safety at all. I mean come on have you seen our teachers, we got a mad scientist that likes to dissect everything, a zombie, Maka's Dad who is a complete womanizer and moron, and Mrs. Marie, she's nice, but she's man-crazy obessesed, and I think she likes Stein. Who could ever like that nut-job! Plus, I heard from Azusa that she once wanted to marry a toilet! A toliet, those things are so filthy.
Jasmine: Maybe, your dad has his reasons.
Kid: Well, I wished I knew, he never tells me anything!
Jasmine: Neither does my brother! I basically had to figure it out and confront him about his crush on Crona before he told me. And even then, afterwards he made me tell him who I like!
Kid: Really? S-so who do you like?
Jasmine: You.
Kid: Really? You like me. No one's ever liked me before. People just usually take one look at me and how OCD I am, and usually just think I'm crazy.
Jasmine: I don't think your crazy.
Kid: Really?
Jasmine: Yep, your just different, that's all people just don't understand things that are different.
Kid: Yeah, everyone treats me different just because I'm Lord Death's son, but honestly I sometimes wish I wasn't. I wish I was a normal kid.
Jasmine: It can't be that bad.
Kid: That's what you think, I've had all these expectations of me ever since I was born. Everyone expects me to be the next Shinagami, but I honesty don't want to. I still want to be a kid. Plus I will only become Shinagami when the Sanzu lines complete encircle my head. When that happens. I will obtain my full powers, but my dad will die. I don't want my dad to die. I especially don't want to just remember him as some guy who I rarely saw, and when I did was only wearing that black robe and white mask of his. It's not even his real voice! He just talks that way so that it doesn't scare the younger students! Heck, I I'm his kid, and I've only heard how he really talks like once, and that was when he was really angry. I also don't even know what he looks like!
Jasmine: Wow, you talk about your dad a lot, how come you never talk about your mom???
(Kid sighs and curls up into a ball with his heads in between his knees.)
Kid: My mom died when I was little. I barely remember her.
Jasmine: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know.
Kid. Yeah, not that many people. Even Liz and Patti don't know. They haven't even asked me about it, and I've been their partner for two years.
Jasmine: Wow. Don't they wonder sometimes?
Kid: Yeah, I'm sure they do. But they never ask. They know whenever I think of my mom I get sad.
Jasmine: OH, How did your mom die? If you don't mind me asking?
Kid: I don't mind. It was a witch who killed her.
Jasmine: Oh.
Kid. Yeah.
Jasmine: What do you remember about her.
Kid: Not much. I really only know what she looks like cause I always keep a small picture of her in my wallet.
Jasmine: Can I see it?
Kid: Sure. (Pulls out picture of his mom) (She is wearing a purple dress with a white shaffan shawl over it, and has long black hair, her eyes are yellow and amber just like Kids. )
Jasmine: Wow, she looks really pretty.
Kid: Thanks. Yeah One of the few memories I have of her, is when she used to play in the garden with me. I must have been around 4 or 5. But I just remember the garden it was so perfect and it was symmetrical too. The sun was shining and the whole day was just perfect. We went in and she made me chocolate chip cookies and strawberry lemonade, my favorite. That's the last happy memory I have her. She died the next day.(tears are pouring down from his eyes)
Jasmine: I'm so sorry (She hold Kid as he cries.) I have no idea, what it's like to lose a parent so young but it must be horrible.
Kid: I remember that I wished I could have saved her. I wished I had. But that Witch killed her.
Jasmine: There's nothing you could have done about it, it's not your fault.
Kid: Y-yes it is. I opened the door to the witch, thinking that it was my dad coming to visit. It was my birthday, and I really wanted to see my dad.I hadn't seen him in months, my mom told me not to answer the door, but it was too late. I didn't listen to her, Instead I opened the door to that witch, and she pushed me aside. I was helpless to watch as she brutally killed my mother and ate her soul, and I couldn't save her.(sniffles) My life was so perfect then she came along. She would have gotten me too if a meister hadn't bust through the window with their weapon and killed her. That meister was the real hero he the one who killed that witch! I'm just garbage. (sobs)
Jasmine: (looks at him with such sorrow in her eyes and is crying too) Oh Kid-kun, your not garbage, there was nothing you could do, you were just a little kid who made a mistake cause he wanted to see his dad!
They held each other crying for the rest of the day before falling asleep on each other.

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