Living in the imagination of Quibblonians

So the nspiration for this story was when I read the first chapter of this,
I'm greatful to the author for giving me such a great idea, so do me a favor and read that story?

Well my story is about a girl who, lives in the imagination of Quibblonians. In each chapter, shes is going to fnder herself in a story. By one of you. Feel free to request stories, but I'll have to decide whether or not I put it in. Well anyway, Enjoy! :)

Chapter 1

The Depths of Your Own Despair

A flash of blindingly bright light, follwed by the thud of my feet hitting the ground. So, I guess I'm in a story.

In a story? You may be asking yourself. Well you read that right. I live here in Quibblo, and I'm regularly transported through stories. Heres a new catch though,in the story I have to complete a goal. The goal, could be as easy as delivering a letter, or as difficult as slaying a dragon (though thankfully, I've never had to do that). It really just depends on the story. The more dangerous/exciting/thrilling/adventurous the story, the more difficult the goal. So, hey, next time your thinking about writting a story like that, why dont you think about Violet here. Kay? Thanks!

Looking up at the sky I as the typed words;

VanderGroove Academy
By Berserkergirl

"Okay. " I say alound, "VanderGroove Acedemy, so whats my goal?"

Confident are we?

"Just tell me already." I snap at, what I've come to call, The Announcer.

Hum. Your goal is to find the book The Depths of Your Own Despair , and to deliver it to the heroine of this story. Maye.

"And where could I find this book?" I ask politely.

Ha! You don't think it would be that easy do you?! I I can tell you is that its heavily guarded. And that a young man named Adrian does NOT want it found. Goodbye, Violet.

I kick the a stone by my foot and look around dumbfounded. How was I ever going to find this book? It as obvious by The Annoucer's tone, that Adrian was someone I didn't want to Piss off.

"Are you ok?" asks a masculine voice behind me. Turning around I see a guy with grayish brown hair and stormy colored eyes.

"No." I say quietly feeling a my own eyes strat to sting, "I have to find some stupid book, hat some stupid guy doesn't want any one to find." I feel a few stubborn tears streak down my cheeks, "And if I don't, I never get to go home." With my last words I colasp onto the ground.

I've lived my life hopping through stories, but now its different. Before I just had to survive 12 hours in the story. Now with the stupid goals, I might get stuck, and never get home. I've done 1 goal, and it was to clean up a mess in some other story. So what do they, whoever they were, think they're doing throwing me into this. Ugh, now I was rambling...

"Hello..." The boy says waving his hand in front of my face.

"Im sorry..." I say feeling fresh tears wet my face.

He looks as if hes thiking something over. Finally he says, "Well, I know some one who could help you." He stands up and offers me his hand.

Taking it and letting him help me up, I ask, "Who?"

"You'll see." Is the only reply I get as he leads me inside.

I follow blindly behind him, my thoughts running too wild to take in the area. Though I do get the impression that its a very grand place.

The boy leads me through I door to a place that I immeadeatly assume is a catacomb. Man, this scholl is really weird and old.../ I think.

The catacombs are like modern halls the higher up were are, but the deeper down it starts to look older. Old torches light the way instead of electric lights. Echoes of other's doom still whisper and float in the air warning all who enter of a similar fate.

The boy drags me into a room, where I see another guy. He turns in a flash and his crimson eyes flare under his chin length black hair.

"Who is she? And what did you bring her here for, Matthew?" He says angerily.

But before the boy, Matthew, can answer I start up in tears again as I try to explain, "I'm sorry! Its m-my fault!! He found m-me outs-side and he was just t-trying to help! 'Cause I-I have to find this book, thats guarded by this I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!" And like a pathetic baby, I start to sob.

"Hey...uh...its going to be fine. Um...whats this book you need? And whos guarding it?" The guy says. I look up at him and am surprised to see his face is flushed.

"Some book called The Depths of Despare or something.." I choke out.

The guys face goes emotionless and he says, "The Depths of Your Own Despair ?"

"Yeah thats it! And its gaurded by some guy named Adrian.." I say

Again his face is reveals no emotion, "Im sorry to tell you this, but that books just a..." He searches for the words, "A fairy tale, and Im afraid theres no one named Adrian around here. Matthew? Why don't you escort this young lady out."

Matthew looks at the guy confused and makes a move twoard me but I jump away from him and twoards the guy, "Look!" I say, hot tears rolling down my face, "I don't know who you are, but I know you're lying to me! And you don't get it! I have to get this book and deliver it to a girl named Maye, or I dont get to go home!!!!!" I scream the last few words, knowing however any malice is lost by the river of tears streaming down my face.

"I'll help you." He says looking me in the eye.

"You will?" I say hopeing it wasn't to good to be true.

"Yes, and by the way, my names Alexander."


Alexander leads me deeper in the catacombs. It gets creepier and creepier the longer we walk.

"Do you know where the book is?" I ask, my voice a hushed whisper.

"All I know is the room the book is hidden is like an old tomb." he replies softly.

We continue to walk, it seems like we walk forever. The catacombs seem endless.

Slumping against a wall I croak, "We'll never fi-" My sentence is cut short as the wall behind me shifts, revealing a secret side tunnel.

"Wow." is all I say.

Alexander leads the way and we soon come to a door. Encripted on the surface, in clear lettering is;

Shorter than string,
and the same length as tall.
I sound like a duck,
and you need me now most of all.

"Uh.....whats this?" I ask

"A riddle to open the door. I would say that we have three chances to gues, or suffer a horrible fate." Alexander says.

"What?!" I yelp.

"Hmmmm...." is all he says as he looks at the writting, his mind searching for an answer.

"Well this sure is apiece of luck." I say gloomily. As if by magic the door creaks open.

I stare in disbelife, "What.........?"

Alexander looks at me with a half smile on his face, "Its simple miss, you solved the riddle. The answer was, luck."

"Oh..." I say, "Oh heyI never told you my name, it-" Im interrupted by the loud thud of the door slamming shut.

"Ahhhhh! Its locked!" I sy as I franticly push and pull at the door,"Luck! Luck! luck!" I shout to no avail, "We're going to be stuck in here forever!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Alexander comes and examines the door and I look around the space we'e trapped in. Its a realativly small room, and rather dark. A few torches along the four walls barely aluminate the space. But, In the middle of the room I see a podium, with a thick leather bond book resting on it. Walking over I pick it up, and stroke the cover.

"Here let me hold that." Alexander say with his hand extended twoards he book.

I swatt his hand away and try not to hiss at him, after all he did help me. Even though, I don't feel like giving this book to another person, besides Maye.

"Or not." He says with his hands raised in surender.


Hours later, or maybe it was minutes? No its ben way too long to be minutes........

Anyway hours later, we hear a creak outside. We both hold breaths in wait. The door opens and I rush through, and straight into someone.

"Oh! Uh..I'm sorry." I say as I try to pass them, ut they grab me and force me to look at them. Im startled at first thinking its Alexander, but something tells me its not.

"Well what do we have here?" He says his voice just slightly betraying his anger and anoyance, "A little thief? Well You'll have to be punished severly." As he says this a tail flicks up behind him.

And I panic.

And pull his tail.


Before running off.

I can hear his angry and painful scream as he drops like a sac of potatoes. And though Im gaing distance I can hear him as he says, "Get. Her." THen he slowly starts to rise, Malice written all over his face.

And he probally would have came after me, along with whatever he told to get me, if it were not for Alexander jumping him from behind.

"Get to maye! He won't let her get hurt, so you'll be safe with her!!" He screams as he holds his look alike down.

I run as fast as I can, maintaining a death grip on the book. Thats when I start to hear them. I cannot even describe the sound properly, it sounds something like I imagin tortuer would. Dareing a glance backward, I stiffle a scream, and adrenaline courses through me. Giving me a boost of energy that I truely needed. Im not even going to describe what I saw, I wouldn't know how, and couldn't bring my self to it even if I did.

Charging out of the catacombs I bulldoze right into Matthew.

"Wow there! Whats the rush?" He says laughing.

"Got to find Maye!! HELP ME!!" I say as I drag him up.

Sencing that I'm serious, he takes my arm and runs faster han I could ever dream of. When he stops Im in front of a door, in what I asume to be the girl's dorm.

"This is Maye's room. I got to go." H say and is off in a flash.

My heart racing I knock rapidly on the door. A girl with bright red hair, big green eyes, and freckles opens the door. Some how I know its Maye.

"Hello...uh may I please come in?" I say worriedly looking behind me.


"Pease?" I say begging her. She looks at me closely than reluctently lets me in.

"Hello Maye, my name is Violet, and I'm here to give you this." I say holding up the book.

She looks at me with wide eyes, but wordlessly takes the book.

"And Maye?" I say getting her attention, "Thank you."

And with those words I'm teleported out of the story. And into mine.

This story that you're reading right now, this is where Iive. Here I don't have to worry about troubles or goals becuase, well becuase the big girl writting this says so.

Confused yet? Yeah, don't worry about.

I crawl into my four poster bed, and pull the warm blankets up under my chin, glad to be home. And yet wondering what in the world Im going into next.

Ok I probally looked for a good two months for a good story to have for Violet's first adventure. And I found it, so even if you dont like my story, you're sure to like the original. So go read it!
And if you haven't already, friend the author too!

P.S. please excuse the spelling mistakes, my computer is being stupid. Thanks, and dont forget to send in story requests! :D


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