The Quibblo Tournaments

Congratulations, you have found the fifth clue!

Fifth Clue:
Find the deep and very meaningful story of one of my favorite versions of toast.

Chapter 2

Details on the Tournament

Great thank yous to all 16 of you who participated and the others who considered it but didn't do so due to unforeseen circumstances! :) Wow those were big words...

This is the list of our participating contestants:

To look at a picture of the newly edited Tournament set-up, click the link below to see who each contestant will be competing against:

So, let me elaborate on the details of the contest.

Tomorrow, I will release Chapter 3, which will be the start of Round 1 of the Tournament. The first pair of contestants will be up against each other and must write a 1-chapter story on the chosen topic. It's like back to writing compositions in school instead of essays!

The catch is that each user is given THREE days' time to finish the story.

If you are participating in a round, you must write and complete your entry in the three days' limit. About 72 hours after the round begins, I will look at your entries.

There are only a few conditions to your story entries.

1) They must be titled 'Tournament Entry'.
2) They must be at the top of your Recently Created section on your profile (so other users can find it easily when they go to rate your entries).

Here is how each entry will be reviewed:
Plot: 3/3
Grammar, Punctuation: 3/3
Relation to Topic: 3/3
Amount of Ratings: (undetermined)
Amount of Stars Rated: 5/5
Whether or not the story is titled as 'Tournament Entry': 1/1
Whether or not the story is at the top of the 'Recently Created' section: 1/1

All these statistics will be added up and the final result will determine who is the winner. In the unlikely case of a tie, I will flip a coin and determine the winner XD.

The winner will move on to the next round whereas the loser is out of the tournament.

Of course, since I am also reviewing the ratings on the entries, the readers also play a part in the vote. For all those Quibblonians who are not competing or have been kicked out of the Tournament, you can go and read the user's story entry, then give it a rating.

Below is an example on how a chapter would look like mid-way in the tournament:


Round 11 Results:
User 5 has knocked User 14 out of the competition!

On to today's match!

Round 12:
User 6 VS User 9

Story Topic:

User 6's Profile:
Random Fact:

User 9's Profile:
Random Fact:

To read each entry, click on the links of each user's profile and find the story entry in their 'Recently Created' section.

User 6's Profile Link:
User 9's Profile Link:

Let the match begin!

And that's how each round will be conducted. The first round shall start soon so remember to look out for invites to this story!

P.S For all those who have questions regarding the tournament, message me and ask.

If you ask me a question in the comments despite me putting in this footnote to remind you to message me instead, I will deduct a point from the final score of your story entry (unless you're not participating.) XD I'm evil.

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