Call For Their Blood (A Hunger Games Group Story)

Four out of seven. Four out of seven of the surviving tributes of seventy-five Hunger Games voted to do this to us. Why? Didn't the rebels already win?

But no; they voted for President Coin to hold a Hunger Games for children of important Capitol citizens. Our fate was confirmed when Katniss fired her arrow, killing President Snow.

It's rebels' faults.
It's our parents' faults.
But most of all it's Katniss' fault.
Not ours.

Welcome to the 76th - and Final - Annual Hunger Games.

Chapter 8

Katri:Deafening Silence

We get ushered inside,by a guard.A guard I know.My father's friend.His friend.His best friend.Whenever,he came back,he would bring him.Mason Bohait with him.They'd share beers and food.And now,he's preparing me for my death.For the ends of the Cranes.

I take one more look at everyone.All their faces.Filled with worry,grief or joy.I don't blame the people with joy spread all over their faces.They haven't been sentenced to death.While I have.

The room I'm forced into is all white.Everything is white.White walls,white floors,white sofas even white fireplaces.The white flag.Peace.That's white means in our family.Peace.But this isn't peace!They misewell of stuffed the room with everything they can find that's blood red!

I sigh,knowing nothing will be helped.Knowing no one is coming to see me.Knowing no one cares.

I walk over to the window and just stare out.I could jump.But I know I won't.I'm too weak for that.Too weak for anything.I just a powerless teenager hated by the Districts.I'm 13.The unlucky number.13.The number of people at the last supper before Jesus died.Red wine.Blood.It'll be my blood splattered this time though.Not his.

But I know I won't go down without a fight.
I won't be able to fight well,but I'll try.
I'm not trivial.
I'm actually quite intelligent.
But I know,I will utter something before I die.
Hell,I'll even yell them.
At the top of my voice.
So everyone knows.

Nothing ever changes.Nothing ever will.That's just the way it is.

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