Call For Their Blood (A Hunger Games Group Story)

Four out of seven. Four out of seven of the surviving tributes of seventy-five Hunger Games voted to do this to us. Why? Didn't the rebels already win?

But no; they voted for President Coin to hold a Hunger Games for children of important Capitol citizens. Our fate was confirmed when Katniss fired her arrow, killing President Snow.

It's rebels' faults.
It's our parents' faults.
But most of all it's Katniss' fault.
Not ours.

Welcome to the 76th - and Final - Annual Hunger Games.

Chapter 7

Muscida: Shattered Windows, Skyscraper Views

Just like in the previous Hunger Games, I will have one hour to say my goodbyes before I go. Though the only person who will come to see me is Althea, so it will be a painfully short hour.

I recognized the Peacekeeper who ushered me into the last building of Sector IV I would ever step into. He used to work in the same Gamemaker building as my father, and would come over to eat with us as a family friend. His name is Ostro Edenthaw. The look of pity in his eyes only made me harden my glare.

Now here I sit, in a skyscraper approximately fifteen stories up, looking over the Capitol. Most of the glass in all of the buildings is gone, from being shattered during the invasion. In fact, one of the window panes is missing in the room I am in now. I kick off my heels and let my toes absorb the soft velvet carpet. The walls are painted a sunset orange swirl that almost makes me sleepy. I walk over to the empty window frame.

My knuckles turn white as I grip the stainless steel bars around it and hold my head out over the city. The wind ripples my lavender curls and my eyes start to water from its sharpness. I am so high up, the world is mine. But if I fall, I will die. Would it be easier to jump now, and get it over with? Utter shame churns in my stomach as I can't even believe I just thought about it. Am I already losing the vow I just made to myself moments ago to make my father proud of me, and hold onto my integrity to the end? I imagine the look of pure hatred on his face if I committed suicide before I had the opportunity to face a brave death.

No. I will never. On a glass table I see an article on the assassination of Snow. And on the cover, is a picture of Katniss. In all of my bitter anger, I tear the cover off, rip it to shreds, and stalk back over to the window.

One by one, I take the slivers of paper and release them to the wind, until every last piece of that mutt is spread across the Capitol, as far away from me as they can be.

I let out a shriek of rage and turn on my heels to see Althea alone in the room and staring at me in shock. Tears instantly well up in her eyes. Forcefully, I smile in order to release the tension - and for her sake.

"Well don't just stand there, looking at me," I joke to her. "If I'm not coming back, I at least want a goodbye hug!"

As a lump the size of a plum wells up in my throat, I rush over to her and we meet in the middle in an embrace.

"Don't live in hate," she whispers in my ear. "Be proud of where you come from and who you are. Your father would want you to put on your brave face, and treat others the way we have always been kind to the districts, no matter how they repayed us."

That might be the most meaningful thing I have heard her say since Mother died. Or maybe the most I've heard her say. She and Mother were close, and she was shattered after her unruly murder.

"I know," I whisper back. "And thank you for being there for me. After...after..."

"Of course," I can feel her smile against my cheek. "What else was I supposed to do with you? It's not like anyone else would take you."

Althea releases me and we both start giggling. Whether from joy, or insanity, or just because it just felt like we should to get the weight of the world off of our shoulders for a little bit, I don't know. And I really don't think it matters.

Just then, Ostro Edenthaw opens the door politely to summom Althea. He knows her as well, so he smiles at her warmly and says, "It's time."

She nodds and kisses my forehead and leaves. Ostro puts on a stern look and salutes me. Only this time, instead of glaring, I grin and salute him back. Why not? At least he will remember me as a bit of my old self. He winks at me as he closes the door and it is over. I don't know why he winked, but I want to collect as many fond memories as I can of everyone before I go.

I'll need all of the motivation I can get if I'm going to keep fighting for a lost cause.

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