Call For Their Blood (A Hunger Games Group Story)

Four out of seven. Four out of seven of the surviving tributes of seventy-five Hunger Games voted to do this to us. Why? Didn't the rebels already win?

But no; they voted for President Coin to hold a Hunger Games for children of important Capitol citizens. Our fate was confirmed when Katniss fired her arrow, killing President Snow.

It's rebels' faults.
It's our parents' faults.
But most of all it's Katniss' fault.
Not ours.

Welcome to the 76th - and Final - Annual Hunger Games.

Chapter 4

Deva Couture: The Reaping


Johy pulls my hair back. I can see her smile from the reflection in the mirror. My hair is wrinkled and curly. Purple, pink, and yellow strips cover my pale hair. Johy scrubs my fingers and toes carefully. I feel myself become more and more clean.

She starts to put on my makeup. Her hands move across my pale face slowly and carefully. I wasn't that dressed up.

A baby blue dress went up to my knees. My nails were painted a royal blue, shining brightly. I had four golden rings on my finger. A row of earrings lined up on both ears, sparkling. I smiled in the mirror as Johy left.

I finished applying a few more touches of light makeup. I heard a slight knock on the door, "Deva? It's time to go."

I smiled. I breathed in deeply while walking to the white door. Johy opened it for me, leading me outside where I walked proudly to the Reaping ceremony.

I lead myself to the line in which my finger will get pricked. The woman pricks it painfully, and I feel myself adorned with unrealistic energy. I smile as I walk to the line full of other 17 year olds. I am confident. I want to be picked. I want to prove myself.

Bonnie Granger walks out with a bright smile. "Welcome, welcome!" Her cheerfulness doesn't bring anyone's spirits up.

Beetee walks out after Bonnie's little speech. He looks glumly at all of us. Unhappy that we are all standing here in this square. Half of us smiling. Half of us frowning.

"Boys first!" Bonnie says. She walks to the bowl of paper. Her hand flow through the bowl messily. "Beta Amacka!"

Next is Cordo Wellwood. And then she calls the last boy, "Yohan Naysmith!"

"Girls' turn!" She calls cheerfully. She mixes up the paper, pulling out one, "Mayceleraine Jarsch." Everyone knew Mayceleraine would be picked.

She sticks her hand in the bowl again, "Deva Couture!" She calls as she reads over the piece of paper. I smile.

My heels make a sharp sound against the square's stone. I walk confidently up to the stage, following Mayceleraine's figure. I stand next to her as Bonnie calls out another name, "Katri Crane!"

Crane. I smile as Seneca Crane's daughter steps forward, terrified. If anything, she should be excited. Everyone will be looking to form alliances with her. Or at least, that's what I want.

I am going to win. I promise myself that I am.

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