Call For Their Blood (A Hunger Games Group Story)

Four out of seven. Four out of seven of the surviving tributes of seventy-five Hunger Games voted to do this to us. Why? Didn't the rebels already win?

But no; they voted for President Coin to hold a Hunger Games for children of important Capitol citizens. Our fate was confirmed when Katniss fired her arrow, killing President Snow.

It's rebels' faults.
It's our parents' faults.
But most of all it's Katniss' fault.
Not ours.

Welcome to the 76th - and Final - Annual Hunger Games.

Chapter 1

Introducing the Tributes of the 76th Annual Hunger Games



Name: Muscida Wellwood
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Sector: IV (four)
Personality: bold, confident, aggressive, hateful towards Katniss & rebels/districts, can be arrogant
Appearance: thick jeweled eyelashes; pale, lavendar-tinted skin; wavy lavendar hair; green eyes; tall and thin frame
Greatest Strength: she is good at devising and analyzing tactics, and knows who to trust
Greatest Weakness: not physically fit, and lacks self-control
Relation: proud daughter of Gamemaker Whytt Wellwood
Other: was offered to be in Career group, but snobbily rejects, making her a target


Name: Katri Crane
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Sector: III (Three)
Personality: Shy, smart, sweet, paranoid. Can be confident around friends. Trusts no one at all as her brother got assassinated. Hates Katniss as she blames her.
Appearance: Short, cropped black hair, natural red eyes, slim frame, below average height.
Greatest Strength: Good at thinking in the moment and plans.
Greatest Weakness: Shies away from most challenges.
Relation: Little sister to Seneca Crane
Other: Careers look at her as food.


Name: Deva Couture
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sector: III (three)
Personality: Stubborn, intelligent, wild, rebellious, and she doesn't listen.
Appearance: light blonde hair with purple and light pink streaks everywhere. Really curly and wavy, light skin, light freckles;
Greatest Strength: Throwing
Greatest Weakness: She's too nice.
Relation: Daughter of Gamemaker Cello Couture.


Name: Verada Templesmith
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Sector: I (one)
Personality: confident, Brave, mischievous, one step ahead, vishous(SP)
Appearance: Long dark blonde hair with lots of brown and dark green feathers, green eyes, tall and lithe
Greatest Strength: she is really good at planning, and can be very intimidating
Greatest Weakness: Has bad temper
Relation: daughter of Gamemaker Claudius Templesmith


Name: Crucis Yule
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Sector: II (two)
Appearance: Dark brown curly hair, Big body, but not fat, strong, and tall
Greatest strength: Reverse psychology, Swords, Guns, hiding, and swimming
Weakness: Climbing trees.
Relationship: Effie’s nephew




Name: Roxye (Roks-ee) Perthshire
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Sector: ll
Personality: Bold, Reckless, Brave, Intelligent,Thinks Katniss was brave, but dislikes her causing these Games for the Capitol
Appearance: 5'8, 168lbs, Dark red eyes with flecks of bright yellow, Natural dark brown hair to mid-back, very subtle gold tinted eyelids
GS: quiet/light-footed
GW: not smart about plants
Relation: Daughter of Scorpii Perthshire, Game Maker
Other: Keeps to self, so no allies in the beginning


Name: Mayceleraine Jarsch.
Gender: Female.
Age: 12
Sector: 3
Personality: Shy, Sweet, Generous, Honest, Easily Believes Anything.
Appearance: Long Black, Thick, Slightly Wavy Hair With A Red Streak. Crystal Blue Eyes, Skinny But Slightly Short.
Greatest Strength: Because She's So Cute People Often feel Guilty And Wont Hurt Her, She's also Very Quick Thinking And Very Fast.
Greatest Weakness: She's Often Easily Scared, And She Couldn't Kill Anybody, She Would Feel Too Guilty.
Relation: Second Cousin Of President Snow


Name: Cleo Ovidia
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Sector: 1
Personality: Brave, Adventurous, sweet, very stubborn, curious, Confident, fierce
Appearance: Long Blonde hair, skinny, Fair tan, hazel eyes, light weigh, short, smiles alot
GS: Good at anything climbing or self-defense, her smile makes her look too inicent to fight
GW: Tends to overlook things
Relation: Daughter Pollux Gray, Gamemaker/ former commander
Other: Loves to be high up for fear of the ground falling out from beneath her


NAME: Kramisha Velona
GENDER: Female
AGE: 16
PERSONALITY: Dark, mysterious, careful
APPEARANCE: Thunder purple eyes with golden specks with darky blode hair but more brown than blode
RELATION TO POWERFUL CAPITOL PEOPLE: Daughter of a former game maker

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