It's The End Of The World As We Know It (Original Group Story)

This is a story about kids from 4 corners of the earth, who run into some not-so-natural disasters.

Chapter 1



Name: Erzah Mark (Not Asian in any way, shape,or form.:( )
Age: 14
Personality: Easy going untill she gets mad, hot headed, strict, works alone, hates when people get on her case, very protective of her close friends & family
Looks:Black hair with red highlights, freckles, glasses, average height, pale
Where Are They From: Asia
Other:She was raised by her aunt who was a geoligist. Her aunt was one of the first to die when the eruptions started happening.


Name: Dyan Aura Sylvester (Female)
Age: 14
Personality: clever; strategic; studious; cunning; stealthy; discreet
Looks: wavy copper colored hair and one bleached streak in the front; fair skin; freckles; devious smile; rusty-green eyes; small but lithe
Where Are They From: Norther America
Other: has a younger sister named Era who is 11, older twin brothers Avery and Christopher who are 17, and an older sister Haizea who is 25. Her father Eric and mother Anila are raising the family in a small city in Texas.


Name: Terra Aewall
Age: 13
Personality: adventurous, smart, creative, shy
Looks:mousy-brown hair, green eyes, small, limber
Where Are They From: Netherlands
Other: only child, disconnected from her parents. Lives on a houseboat.


Name: Paige Collins
Age: 14
Personality: happy, bubbly, friendly, wants everyone to get along, easily scared but puts on a brave face
Looks: long blonde hair, hazel eyes, often forced smile, average height, freckles
Where Are They From: South America
Other: Typical rich white girl, but her parents fight and her brother (16) has a drug problem because of it, tries hard at school so she can be noticed

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