Dear Hunter H.,

Dear Hunter H.,

4 ya'll tht dnt know...... hunter is my boyfriend that i have been with for 2 years and 1 month :) Luv ya babe <3

Chapter 1

Thanks 4 everything babe :)

Thank you for everything!!! I want to thank you for coming in my life and helping me become a better person and putting me on the right path. You helped me believe again and start to dream again. Without you i dont really know what id do. I dont even wanna think bout not having you. You are the best thing in my life. For once i have something real... most of the time things turn out being a fake but this time its different. Over time ive lost alot and the only thing left is you. You always try to cheer me up when im down. You deal with me when imma bitch. You understand the things that i go threw with my mum. You know some of the bad choices ive made in the past. You love me for me. And your still here and you still want to be with me. You still ask me whats wrong, you still care, you still hug and kiss me, etc. You know so much about me and your still with me. We have our fights and agruements but were still stronger than ever. You make me smile and laugh everytime im with you. You make me so happy...... i thought i would never be happy again but you came into my life and proved me wrong. You also mean more to me than anyone else. Again thankyou so much!!!!!!

-Nicole :)


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