Theobe Thwarton was an exceptionally odd thirteen-year-old. She knows she's odd and absolutely loathes the fact everybody stares at her. Now, when she is sent into the woods, she finds something that just HAS to be odder than her. After this odd meeting, she embarks on an epic adventure that human- and magic -kind are on her to succeed.

Chapter 1

Miss Thwarton

Theobe Thwarton was an exceptionally odd thirteen-year-old. She was unusually tall, with crimped black hair. Her face was especially abnormal. Her thick eyebrows were set high upon her forehead with an upside-down "v" shape to them, which gave her a permanent surprized and sinister look. And her eyes. Her eyes! They were the oddest eyes you'd ever come across, for they were a bright neon yellow.
Everyone in Fourtington knew of Theo, if not knew her. They'd gawk and point in her direction whenever she was in sight. Theo was, of course, aware of this. She'd avoid public places at all costs. This worked, except for school.
School. Oh, Thoebe Thwarton absolutely loathed school. There was no escape whatsoever from that miserable place. Sure, there was a rule that no one could stare, but the kids ignored this. Even the teachers stole glances to Theo, who was always sitting in the farthest corner of every class she went to.
One particular morning, Theo was feeling most frustrated. Her mother yelled at her for giving her a "surprised" expression when she asked the poor girl if she had made everyone's beds. Then, while in the car, Theo's older twin sisters came up with a new nickname for her: the bushy-browed snake. The stares were longer and more penetrating than usual in her english class and it soon came to a point to where she could not take it any longer.
Standing, Theo screamed at the top of her lungs, "STOP STARING YOU STUPID WORMS!!!!"
And Theo was led to the principal's office.She sat in one of the incredibly uncomfortable chairs in Mr. Thinger's dismal room.
"But it wasn't my fault! They were the ones staring!" She cried. Mr. Thinger stepped away from the small window that he was looking out when Theo first entered. He sat on the edge of his desk and took a bite out of a green apple that was sitting on his desk.
"But you screamed," He said in a menacingly calm tone, "Rules are rules."
"Did you not hear what I just said?" Theo said, getting on to another yell. "They. Were. Staring. THEY'RE NOT ALLOWED TO STARE!"
"Will you be quiet?" Mr. Thinger said, eyes flaring. "You are to call your mother." The principal gestured to the ugly telephone sitting on his desk. Theo stared at it with displeasure. She did not want to call her mom. "Is there a problem?" Asked Mr. Thinger. Theo shook her head, but slowly reached for the phone. She dialed the number and listened to the ring thrice before her mother answered.
"Mom. It's Theo."
"Oh. What do you want?"
"I got into trouble."
"God dammit, Theo. Don't you always?"
"Shut up. I'm coming to get you." And Theobe's mom hung up. Theo put the phone back in it's place and Mr. Thinger raised an eyebrow as he took another bite from his apple.
"She's coming to get me," Theo muttered.
"Wonderful," the principal said and picked up another apple from his desk. He held in front of Theobe and said, "Apple?"
"No," she said and pushed the apple away from her before leaving the room.
Theo walked to the front doors and watched for her mom's car to pull up.
Five minutes passed before the red minivan drove into the driveway. Theo pushed open the door and stepped outside. She walked to the car and opened the front seat door.
"No," her mom said and pointed to the back seat. Theobe rolled her eyes and slammed the door before crawling into the backseat.
The drive was entirely quiet, until-
"Mom, home is the other way."
"I know."
"You're headed to the woods."
"I know."
"Theobe, shut it. I don't want you anymore. And nobody else would either. You are a spoiled brat, got it? I cannot put up with you any longer."
"So you're just dumping me off in the middle of nowhere?"
"What about food?"
"There are berries in the woods, aren't there?"
"Well, what about my stuff?"
"The bag next to you."
Theo looked to her right and saw her satchel. In it, there was an extra sweater, a blanket, and a watch. She couldn't help but to roll her eyes. The watch didn't even work.
The car stopped and Theo's mom said, "Get out." Theobe grabbed her bag and jumped out. She slammed the door as hard as she could before running off into the dense trees.
She ran for as long as she could before she came sloshing into a narrow brook and sat. Theo put her head in her hands and cried.
"What's wrong?" said a voice. Theobe whipped her head around and screamed.

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