George Weasley - A One-Shot

Today, April 1, is the Weasley twins' birthday (appropriate, hm?) In honor of their fantastic personalities and lovable pranks, I have decided to attempt a one-shot for each of them. Here you will find the short story starring the more handsome Weasley twin. ;)

Chapter 1

Run For Your Money

"Ha! A Weasley! I should have guessed....ah, but this one's not a Weasley. Good, a new victim...."

George snuck a glance at the girl standing beside him; she was probably a year younger than him, small and pretty. Definitely not the type you'd expect to be in detention with a Weasley twin. The girl looked up at Filch, not saying a word and her face expressionless. George wondered why she was in trouble. She didn't look capable of breaking the rules.

Soon enough, George and the girl were on their knees in the empty Potions classroom, scrubbing the flagstones with toothbrushes. As soon as they were alone, George let out a string of curses that made the girl's eyebrows rise. "Of all the....I didn't even break any rules this time!" he exploded. "I was just helping a kid up off the ground! But apparently, you're not allowed to do that when the kid's just been punished by our lovely High Inquisitor. Evidently, him being shoved by that prat Malfoy is part of his penance for whatever terrible crime Umbridge thinks the poor kid's committed. And here I am." He paused, then growled, "And if that git Filch thinks I'm going to sit here passively and take this ridiculous abuse, he's got another think coming." He stood then and walked over to one of the desks, rummaging through a small bag which he pulled from the underside of the desk. The girl had also stopped working to watch him. "What are you doing?" she asked curiously. "Exacting revenge," he answered with a grin. "Filch'll pay for this one."

The girl stood herself, brushing her hands on her skirt. "I'll help," she offered. George paused his rummaging and looked at her with a disbelieving expression. "No offense, kid," he said, "but have you ever actually pulled a prank before?" She leaned against the desk and smiled. "Loads of times," she assured him, "and aside from this last time, I've never been caught either." George pulled his right hand out of the bag long enough to shake hers, then dove back in. "Alright, here's what we'll do...."


"Really, Mr. Weasley, I had expected some manner of mischief from you, and you certainly did not disappoint - but Miss Daniels! I'm quite shocked at your conduct, and I'm afraid you both will have to report back to Filch tomorrow evening for another detention. Weasley, I trust you realize this means you'll be missing Quidditch practice - don't make me resort to more drastic measures."

With that, McGonagall bid them goodnight and swept away. The two students stood quietly in the abandoned hallway for a moment, honestly looking quite ridiculous. Both were plastered with some kind of multicolored powder, George wearing green and the girl sporting an unusual shade of fuchsia, and their hair was frizzing in all directions. Smudges of soot covered both of them, but none of this did anything to dull the gleam of triumph in their eyes. As soon as McGonagall was out of earshot George turned to his accomplice for a high five and began laughing. "That was bloody wicked! Did you see Filch's face?" The girl was doubled over too. "Oh, but Umbridge's expression made my day! I thought for sure we were going to hear a dirty word or two from our dear High Inquisitor!" It took a few minutes for them to compose themselves reasonably. Once they had calmed, George wiped a tear away and offered joyfully, "Same time tomorrow, then?" The girl shook her head in disbelief. "You'd think they'd realize they shouldn't put us in detention together again." George raised an eyebrow. "Are you complaining?"

"No, just marveling once again at the world's stupidity," she replied smoothly, causing George to begin laughing again. "I can already tell the two of us will get along famously," he said with a wink. She agreed, then said more quietly, "I'm sorry you'll have to miss Quidditch tomorrow." George waved her off. "Yeah, it's disappointing, but totally worth it. I'll never forget Filch's face when he walked in...." He paused to chuckle, then said, "Hey, you should come watch us practice sometime. When I'm not in detention, that is." She laughed, then nodded. "I'll have to see if I can make that happen," she said with a smile. George winked at her. "I have faith in your abilities. After all, you pull a beautiful prank. I have to admit, I didn't think you could do it - but you sure proved me wrong."

The girl blushed and smiled. "Well, I should go. I think I might have another late night tomorrow, so I need my sleep." She turned and began walking, but stopped when George called, "Hey, Miss Daniels....what's your first name?" She gave him a saucy wink, and he couldn't believe he hadn't seen the mischievousness in her before. "Well, it wouldn't be any fun if I just told you, would it now?" she teased, then turned and swept off.


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