For the Quibblo writing contest :D

Chapter 1

Yeah :)

by: Apathy_
When you're alone
Do you worry 'bout me?
Or do all those memories
Just get up and flee?
Is there a hole in your heart
Where I once was?
Or do you count me
As one of your life's flaws?

Did you mean all those words
You whispered in my ear?
Do you remember that night
This time last year?
Did you know you've been my muse
Ever since then?
Your face in my head
When I pick up the pen?

Do the boys take care of you
When you're all out?
Do you ever wonder
What all this is about?

'Cause it scares me so
That I let you go
But then again
Remember when
We fought and fought
Remember, I thought
We'd kill each other
There and then
Yes, do you
Remember when?

So once again, I must ask; please.

When you're alone, do you worry 'bout me?

Inspiration etc

I guess I think a lot about relationships, whether they be my own or not. I often get very attached to characters that I'm writing about, or reading about, and when they get into a relationship and they talk about it, I feel like they're sharing a very personal thing with the reader, ie, me. This poem is based on both personal experience and fictional relationships.
I often write instead of talking about how I feel, and a lot of the time, what I write is poetry. I feel that poetry is a very unique and different way of writing; although a lot of people may do it, when you write, you write with your soul, and everyone's soul is different, therefore causing different types of poetry to be written. That's how I tend to think, anyway.

I kind of get my inspiration from everywhere. Song lyrics, paintings, photographs, music... It doesn't really matter. With song lyrics, I might hear a line or two that I like, twist the line and then go on from there.
More often than not, it's specific people that influence me. Not what they say, just how a certain facial expression might make me think of a line, or a movement, or an emotion that flashes through their eyes. People, in general, are very interesting and captivating.

Poetry is something that I've only recently come to love. Beforehand, I liked poetry, sure, and I could write it, but I didn't particularly want to. I don't know exactly when I changed my mind, or why, but the important thing is that I did.
Poetry isn't something... physical. You can't smell poetry, you can't touch poetry, you can talk to poetry. All obvious things, of course.
But even though you can't touch poetry, poetry can still touch you. If you follow.
Maybe you don't, maybe I'm not making sense...
But anyway.
There's just something about poetry.

Poems/poets I enjoy

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep, by Mary Elizabeth Frye.

Homewrecker, by Marina and the Diamonds(yes, I count song lyrics as poetry)

Army of Tears, by Cathy Davey


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