The Ballad of the One Ring

This is the first part of an epic which my sister and I wrote in our spare time. Written for Quibblo's writing contest.

©2013 Property of Lindy and Gwen Underhill. All rights reserved.

Chapter 1

The Tale of Frodo Nine-Fingered and Samwise the Brave

Here is the story, told all through the lands
Of two little hobbits, who set out to save
All Middle-Earth by defying the Dark Lord-
Frodo Nine-Fingered and Samwise the Brave.

Inside the Shire, the home of the hobbits,
Bilbo's eleventy-first birthday came
Each year a party was held by the tree
But after this one, none would be quite the same.

The Road will continue, forever and on,
Down from the door from which Bilbo began
The same Road took Frodo to shadowed Mordor
And with him his friends Merry, Pippin, and Sam.

Gandalf had told them to find Rivendell
They set out alone, singing Bilbo's Walking Song
The wizard would meet them at Bree, but if not,
At least they would find one to help them along.

Black Riders of Mordor, the Nazgul, Ringwraiths
Enslaved to the Dark Lord and bound by their greed
Riding black horses they hunted the hobbits
Chasing them through the Old Forest to Bree.

The wizard they sought was not to be found
Instead there stood Strider, Dunadan of the wood
The crownless Elessar pledged Frodo his sword
To save him by life or by death, if he could.

They searched for Gandalf on old Weathertop
Once there, of the wizard they found one tiny trace
The group settled down to make camp for the night -
But they weren't alone in that dark, solemn place.

The Nazgul had followed the hobbits from Bree
Hoping this time to fulfill their lord's decree
But confronted by Aragorn with torch and sword
The Ringwraiths were once again forced to flee.

But they had not left the whole party unharmed
Frodo fared worst, and had begun to fade
For drawn to the power of the Ring, they had known
And stabbed the Ring-bearer with a poisoned blade.

A shard from the Morgul-knife trapped in his flesh
Inchinc its way toward his heart with each day
Elrond alone could heal Frodo's wound now
And even then, only if they did not delay.

Glorfindel Elf-prince offered help to the travelers
But the Black Riders were blocking them still
A race for the fate of the world had begun
Between the blade's power and Frodo's fading will.

Fleeing for refuge with little strength left
Asfaloth bore him away to the Ford
Bruinen raged to be touched by the Riders -
And Frodo stood safely on Rivendell's shore.

Three days and nights did Lord Half-Elven spend
Using his magic to extract the knife
When Frodo awoke he was hailed as a hero
For a cause not his, he had risked his life.

The Ring could not stay in fair Rivendell
Nowhere in Middle-Earth would it be safe
A Council to choose the world's saviors they called,
To choose the ones who would dare Mordor's rage.

Nine Walkers against the Nine Riders they would set
The task was to choose who would go on this chase
Merry and Pippin, Sam, Frodo and Strider
Had all started this course, they must finish the race.

To represent Elves came Legolas Greenleaf
Gimli the Dwarf brought his axe to the fight
Boromir, man of Gondor, would see the task through
And also came Gandalf, to Frodo's delight.

The Fellowship left the next day on their quest
But once to the Misty Mountains they came -
To go through the caves of lonely Moria,
Or attempt to tame the fierce mountain range?

Having chosen their oath, they decided to climb
Mount Caradhras through ice, wind, and snow
Facing defeat on the cold mountainside,
They had to attempt the dark city below.

Abandoned and hollow now Moria rests
Untouched lies the mithril, embedded in stone
Forsaken by Dwarves for a thousand years past -
As it was when the Company walked through the gloam.

They weren't as alone as they once had believed
Out of the depths of the cavern there came
A creature of death, who haunted the shadows -
The monster of Moria and Gandalf's Bane.

With the loss of their guide, Aragorn took the lead
Across the Nimrodel they pressed on again
To meet the Lord Celeborn and Galadriel
In golden-boughed, sunshine-filled Lothlorien.

In Lorien grow the graceful mallorn trees
The elanor thrive there, but no other place
Time passes faster inside that old wood
Far too soon, it was time to resume their pace.

The Lady then gave a small gift to each walker,
To some what they wanted the most in their heart
Frodo received the light of Earendil
To light up the way when all else becomes dark.

They then took their leave of fair Lothlorien
In boats that were gifts of the Lady and Lord
Speeding along with the swift Anduin,
They couldn't see signs of the orcs on the shore.

West into Gondor or east into Mordor?
The burden was Frodo's, he must pick the way
Boromir wanted the Ring to save Gondor
But Frodo saw now that the Ring couldn't stay.

He tried to slip quietly off from the rest
To save them the choice of betraying their friend
Sam was the only one of the Fellowship
Who gave up himself to see the task through to the end.

After they left, the camp was invaded
The fierce Uruk-hai tore the forest apart
Boromir tried to protect the small halflings
To atone for his earlier error of heart.

The Uruk-hai carried off Merry and Pippin
Foiling Boromir's efforts at last
The Ring was in Mordor, approaching Mount Doom
The Fellowship broken, the Age of Men past.


This poem was actually inspired by a writing topic; my sister and I were in a literature and composition class and one of the essay topic choices was "Write a ballad about the Fellowship's journey." So we did. This decision was spurred by my enjoyment of writing poetry and by our previous love for/obsession with the trilogy, and we plan to continue our ballad sometime.

Some of my favorite poets are Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and Edgar Allen Poe. One of my all-time favorite poems is Paul Revere's Ride, and I also like Old Ironsides, O Captain! My Captain! and The Road Not Taken. I don't have a link to these poems or poets, but they're easy enough to Google. =)


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