If I could cry..

This is a poem I wrote and re-posted for the contest.I wrote it because when I cry it doesn't improve anything.I picked this poem because it had enough lines and a lot of people seem to like it..I don't really know what inspired me to write it,it sort of just came you know?I like poetry because its a way to express yourself and write in words what only you can completely understand.Someone else on here who writes good poetry is http://www.quibblo.com/user/Night102412

Chapter 1

If I could cry..

If I could cry a river,
I'd cry my way to the sea.
Floating on the ocean
living peacefully

If I could cry an ocean,
I'd wash the world away
I'd make them all suffer,
all pay

If I could cry a rainbow,
as soon as the sun came in
I'd cry away all my tears
then be happy again

But my tear can't cry an ocean,a rainbow
or a river.
That's why I try not to cry
because tears don't make things better


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