I'm Afraid You'll Run Away.....(One Direction Group Story)

This is by me and Melly_AP
We hope you like it:))

Chapter 1

Meet Reyna Johnson

I walked through the streets that are new for me. I adjusted my glasses as I made my way to my new school.

I got accepted in a program that gives teens in America a whole school year in London,Luckily they chose my Senior year, hence my last school year. As soon as I entered the new school my blue eyes started scanning my sorrundings. Like in my old school I was taller than the other girls, but at least I wasn't the only pale one. Plus, my long black wavy hair didn't stand out! My slim curvy body looked the same as most girls here.

My feet moved quickly through the halls, trying to find the front office. As I passed I saw some students, mainly boys, starring at me, probably because of my heigth. It couldn't be because of my "perfect" figure because I was wearing and oversize hoody and lose pants. Maybe probably because of what I was wearing.

"Um..hello, I'm. Reyna Johnson, the exchange student from Dallas, Texas,"I said to the lady in the front desk of the office. She was short, chubby, had super short red hair, green eyes, and rosey skin tone. Her name tag said Mrs. Ross.

"Oh, yes...here's you schedule, your locker number and combanition, and a list of things you're going to need for the classes,"she replied in some sort of high pitch voice. It was displeasing to the ears, but it wasn't nice either.

"Uh..thanks, I guess,"I replied taking some papers.

"Oh, you need to read over this and sign, then on this paper your teachers need to sign and you need to turn it at the end of the day,"she said continued speaking,"Also, here's this paper and you're going to take this Mr. Hansel, who is behind that door on the right, he will give you the books you need."

"Um..thanks,"I told her as I started to walk away.

"Oh, wait, here your student handbook!"she exclaimed handing me a book. I looked like a proper nerd, with my backpack, glasses, and books and papers in hand.

I walked towards the door she told, eyes still were on me. I felt like a piece of meal or something. When I opened the door a tall and slim man sat behind the only desk there. He had hazel eyes, dirty blonde hair, and a beard. He is quite handsome for someone his age.

"Hey, how may I help you?"he asked me.

"Uh..hold on a second,"I said fumbling with the books and papers on my arm, trying to find the correct one,"Here it is...I'm Reyna Johnson, I'm an exchange student."

"Ah,"he said taking the paper and quickly going to the back, trying to find the correct books for, but he continued talking,"Last year I see...did Mrs. Ross give you a school map?"


"Don't worry, I'll give you one,"he quickly replied coming back with some books, then going back for more. What, seriously, more papers? In my old school all we got was our schedule, not even our own locker, three people per locker, and you were considered lucky if you got a text books.

Again, he came back with more books and went back. There was already like ten books on the table, how much more would I need?

"Here are the lasts ones and the map,"he said putting them on top of the other book, the map was on top of the last one. I counted nineteen books! How am I going to carry all this. Then, as if reading my expression,"Don't worry, I'll get somebody to help you."

"Can I leave now?"I asked.

"Not yet, I need to input the books into this, make a copy, keep one then give the other one to you....you lose one your going to have to pay it back,"he said as he quickly started writting. I decided to put the stuff in my arms into my backpack, except for my schedule, the paper with my locker, and the paper the teacher needs to sign.

Mr. Hansel wasn't even halfway done when I closd my backpack, so, I decided to look at my schedule. I still got my core classes.

English 4
U.S History
Lunch DD

Next to each was the name of the hall and room number. Wow, those are a lot of classes.

"Here you go sweetie,"can you please open the door?"He asked as the bell rang.

I did as I was told, kids were scrambling to get to their locker or class. I wonder how many minutes we get during passing periods, in my old school we use to get four.

"Ah, Liam!"called Mr. Hansel. A tall boys with short brown hair, brown eyes, and a birthmark on his neck turned to Mr. Hansel.

"Yes, Mr. Hansel?"he asked entering the room.

"Can you please Ms. Johnson with her books? I'll give you pass, since you'll be late,"Mr. Hansel replied.

"Are you kidding me? Getting late to math?...You've answered my prayers!"he exclaimed making Mr. Hanasel laugh, and making me smirk. Mr. Hansel quickly wrote a pass, and handed it to Liam. Liam grabbed it and put into his blue jean pocket, before grabbing most of the books, he only left me six to carry. I grabbed the books and left the office following him behind.

By the time we were in the hall everybody was in class, considering the bell had already rang. They give us eight minutes during passing periods.

"So...uh..what's your locker number?"he asked.

"Uh...,"I said trying to read the paper on top of the books I'm carrying.,"It's Blue 19."

"Oh, great! It's on the other side of school,"he said with a smile, wow, he must really hate math. Which I don't see why most people do, math is very simple and fun,"I'm Liam by the way."

"I'm Reyna,"I replied a awkward, I'm not use to talking to strangers.

"Nice name...is it Spanish?"

"Uh..yeah, it means queen,"I replied looking straight ahead.

"May I see your schedule?"he asked.

"Sure, if you can get it,"I replied. He stopped and put the book he was carrying on a bench, then he grabbed my schedule put it on top of the book, carried the books again, and continued walking.

"Oh we have almost every class togeher, except for Spanish, and your last three,"he replied.

I simply nodded, not knowing what else to do. I just hope we get to my locker soon.

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