Once (Book 1:Part 1)

A tragic story of a group of friends, cursed by who they are and their pasts.
I present you Once, Part 1 : Begginings.

Chapter 1


Once upon a time, about 200 years ago, a magestic comet came to this planet. Flashing from red to violet, green to orange, that alien object crashed through he skies, turning them blood red, and exploded into a lonely yellow wheat pasture. It left a huge brown crator, blooming up flaming purple gas that spread out far and wide.
Soon after, on a field nearby, a baby girl opened her eyes to this new world. She was a different kind of girl because she wasn't like any other mortal before her. Unlike her friends and families, she had a special talent that wasn't something like dancing or writing or drawing. She could heal.
Many like her rose. A boy who could fly, a girl who can summon fire at will, and a child who could bend lightning. They could change, rise, mend, bend, save and many other things. They were widely accepted, even used for common things, changing the world forever in science, technology and society.
The peace didn't last long though, it never does. Fear rose, and fear soon boiled over to violence, death and murder. Those children, The Gifted, became The Cursed and were hunted down. Propoganda spread like wildfire, dark governments rosed to power and The Cursed ran away into hiding. Some fought back though, raising division even more, but they soon were cut down.
The girl, at the end of her teenager years, lived in this world. What happened to her? Nobody knows. One night she dissapeared, her house burning down. The next she was found dead, her blood dampening the ground below an old oak tree in the forest.
This is where our story shall begin.

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