Tell Me A Story While We're Young (A Noah Puckerman and Finn Hudson Love Story)

This is brought to you by Someone_Like_You and myself! The title was formed by putting two songs together. Tell Me A Story by Phillip Phillips and Live While We're Young by One Direction. We hope you enjoy and don't forget to comment and rate with the truth even if there's criticism in the comments, it's welcome!

Chapter 1

Meet The Girls

Name: Lizette Lopez
Nickname: Liz, or Zettie
Age: 16
Appearance: Long Wavy black hair, with pink, blue, and purple tips, Brown eyes, Tan, Tall, Skinny but with curves, Wear Glasses
Personality: Sweet, Kind, Sarcastic, Shy, Smart, Book-Worm, Loyal, and Loves to laugh and smile!
Best Friends: Sanatan(Sister!), Tina, Finn, Artie, and Sam
Enemies: Quinn and Brittany
Talents: Can play piano, act well, and is very smart, passes all her classes with A's.
Hidden Talent(s): Singing and Dancing
Family: Sanata is her sister
Other: She plays piano for the glee club when needed, no one knows she can sing, only Sanata.
Love Interest: Puck

Name: Aislinn Ivy Evans
Nickname: Ace or Ives
Age: 16
Appearance: Medium Length, Wavy Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Short (5'3), 120 pounds "average", Has contacts, no piercings anywhere. Usually wears jeans/sweats/shorts with some kind of t-shirt or sweatshirt.
Personality: Sweet, Intelligent, Timid, Anxious, Playful, Loyal, Stubburn, Humble, Hardworking, Neither Outgoing Nor An Introvert
Best Friends: Lizette, Sam, Finn, Rory "when he's there", Santana, Blaine
Enemies: Just Rachel "Rachel hates Aislinn but Aislinn doesn't necessarily hate her"
Talents: Volleyball and Writing "Stories or Poetry"
Secret Talent: Singing
Family: Sam Evans is her brother.
Other: She's not part of New Directions but Sam always tries to convince her to join even in spit of her stage fright.
Love Interest: Finn Hudson

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